The Terror is back in Bogota: at Least eight people have died in a heavy bomb attack on a police Academy in the Colombian capital, killed.

23 other people were injured on the premises of the police Academy General Santander in the South of the metropolis detonated a car bomb, as the defence Ministry announced.

According to the Prosecutor General’s office, the offender drove his car through the main entrance of the Academy. As a Beagle was in the control, gave the driver the Gas and drove at high speed on the terrain. There the car exploded. Several buildings were damaged, the vehicle was on fire.

The perpetrator, who was killed, was identified. First investigations showed that the car was loaded with 80 kilograms of explosives, said attorney-General Néstor Humberto Martínez.

Colombia suffered from decades of armed conflict between the armed forces, leftist guerrilla groups and right-wing paramilitaries. Rebel groups and the Medellín cartel drug boss Pablo Escobar committed, especially in the 1980s, a succession of serious bomb attacks in the capital, Bogotá.

the Last had improved the security situation in the South American country. The largest rebel organization Farc has in the meantime concluded a peace Treaty with the government, and the weapons put down. However, the smaller guerrilla group fighting ELN is still against the state. Also, criminal syndicates involved in drug smuggling, and the return of bloody clashes with the police and the armed forces.

“This attack will not go unpunished. We Colombians have subjected us to never terrorism,” said President Iván Duque at the scene. Also, Colombia’s Ex-President and Nobel peace prize laureate, Juan Manuel Santos condemned the “cowardly attack”: “My full solidarity with our heroes from the police and their families,” he wrote on Twitter.

a year Ago, were in an attack on a police city of Barranquilla guard in the port of five officers killed and many more injured. The government suspended the peace talks with the ELN rebels. Only a few days ago, ELN had shot down fighters in the East of Colombia, the helicopter of a private security company, three employees hostage and 1.7 billion Pesos (478.000 Euro) stolen.

representatives of the former Farc-rebel, arise, in the meantime, as a political party for your goals, condemned the bomb attack. “The attack on the police Academy General Santander is very unfortunate. Solidarity with the families of the victims,” wrote Farc-Senator for Victoria Sandino on Twitter. “We have to ask ourselves who benefits from such actions and what goals they pursue.”