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Turkish court to release hunger-strike of deputies (8.36 PM)has a dead homeless man in a former Berlin water Park (6:58)Buchenwald memorial, will at no AfD-politician (6:53)May be a decisive round in the case of the coal Commission (5:05 p.m.), police trade Union for General speed limit on highways (2:53 p.m.)US diplomats in part, from Venezuela (1:09)

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+++ 8:36 PM: a Turkish court orders release of hunger-striking deputies +++

A Turkish court has ordered the release of the hunger strikers prokurdischen deputies Leyla Güven. The court in the southeastern city of Diyarbakir continued Güven on Friday, under conditions, as an AFP Reporter reported. The 55-year-old Deputy of the prokurdischen Democratic party of the peoples (HDP) is since the 8. November in the hunger strike, her health condition was, according to party information last life-threatening.

+++ 8:25 PM: Several injured in fire at hospital of Recklinghausen +++

In case of a fire in a hospital Hausen from Recklinghausen have been injured in the night of Friday, a number of people. The fire, according to eight patients and a nurse, were seriously injured by smoke and gases, including three people. The police also reported four injured police officers.

According to firefighters, the fire broke out in a patient room on the fifth floor. After the first findings was burning furniture, said a spokesman for the fire Department. When the rescue arrived, the forces that were deleted, therefore, the nurses already in the fire.

+++ 8:18 p.m.: crisis in Venezuela is driving Oil prices +++

Oil prices on Friday, and, consequently, to the increase from the previous day. A Barrel (159 litres) of North sea Brent hit in the Morning 61,77 US Dollar. The were 68 cents more than the day before. The price of a Barrel of the us variety of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) rose by 67 cents to 53,80 dollars.

+++ 7:52 PM: drones, plague rats to fight to the Galapagos Islands +++

For the protection of the unique Ecosystem on the Galápagos Islands, try the Ecuadorian authorities, are using drones for many animal and plant species that are dangerous rats that plague. The drones throw for several days on the Seymour Norte island and Mosquera island from poison baits, such as the administration of the national parks said on Thursday. The effort is part of a comprehensive programme against the rats.

shots of Galapagos Iguana

Rare underwater hell browses in the sea

In the sights of the Park administration, the house rat and the brown rat, which have spread to the Galapagos Islands during the last years. The man-introduced rodents threaten rare and endemic animal species such as the nocturnal fork-tailed gull and frigate birds.

+++ 6:58 PM: dead homeless man in a former Berlin water Park +++

In a former water Park in Berlin-Neukölln, a dead shelter has been found discovered loser. Passers-by discovered the 51-year-old man Thursday night shortly after 23 o’clock, on the premises of the former “Blub”, police said on Friday. Therefore, the man had not have a fixed address. In addition, there is no evidence of foreign influence. First of all, the “B. had reported, for example”. Cause of death the police could do for the time being no information. Only an autopsy could provide more detailed insights.

+++ 6:53 PM: memorial Buchenwald don’t want the AfD-politician +++

The politicians in the AfD are in the former concentration camp Buchenwald, at the memorial events are not welcome. The Foundation does not believe it is commanded, “that representatives of the AfD to participate in a commemorative event to these places, as long as you are not credible to the anti-democratic, human-rights hostile and a history revisionist dissociate positions in their party,” it said in a Thursday evening statement released by the Foundation. On Friday in the memorial with the Survivors and representatives of the Thuringian state government, a wreath for the victims. This Sunday is the international day of remembrance for the victims of national socialism.

+++ 6:43 PM: Özdemir expressed doubt as to the critical limit-call Doctors +++

In the debate about limit values for fine dust and nitrogen oxides, the Greens, has drawn-politician Cem Özdemir, the judgment of lung Doctors in doubt, make a suspension of the exhaust gas limit values. “It is unusual that critics are only now to speak,” said the Chairman of the transport Committee of the Bundestag of the “Passauer Neue Presse” from Friday.

“About ten years after the establishment of the legal limits and to a time, where in the fourth year of the exhaust gas scandal is now really clear to everyone is that the car companies have a lot to repair.” From a group of lung doctors formulated doubts as to the limit values for fine dust and nitrogen oxides have sparked the dispute in the Federal government on the subject.

snow, snow, snow

the case of a disaster in the Berchtesgadener country: helper fight hard against the snow

+++ 5:35 p.m.: Bundeswehr training starts on the drone Heron TP +++

The German armed forces expected on Monday beginning training at the Israeli drone “Heron TP” is a much better protection of the soldiers in the field. “With its altitude of over 12,000 meters, and – depending on the conditions of the doubling of the use of time in the target area will strengthen the System, the education opportunities the air force,” said a spokesman for the air force, the German press Agency. Germany has a political dispute to an armed combat drone, which is therefore referred to as “weapons-capable drone”.

+++ 5:05 PM: coal Commission seeks consensus, Possibly decisive round of the +++

The coal Commission could agree this Friday at a ground – breaking concept for the end of the electricity production from brown and hard coal in Germany. The government-appointed Board meets in the Morning to his perhaps decisive meeting. It is expected to be long negotiations. It could also be a postponement until next week, but then there could be another summit meeting in the Chancellery.

Controversial especially, when and to what extent climate-damaging coal-fired power plants should be shut down, as well as a final exit date. The Commission agreed on a report, ithe policy on the train.

+++ 3:20 p.m.: Gay Brazilian Congressman leaves to death of the country +++

threats Because of death threats from the gay Brazilian Deputy Jean Wyllys has left the country and wants to resign from office. “Life-to preserve is also a strategy to fight for better times,” wrote the 44-year-old politician of the left party PSOL on Thursday in the short message service Twitter.

The daily newspaper “Folha de S. Paulo,” said Wyllys, it is the choice of the ultra-right-wing Congressman Jair Bolsonaro for the Brazilian President, as such, have led him to his step. Rather, it had increased to Bolsonaros election victory in October, the violence against members of the LGBT Community (lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender).

+++ 2:53 p.m.: police Union for a General speed limit on highways +++

In the debate about a General speed limit on German motorways, the trade Union of police (GdP) for such a speed limit. The Vice-GdP-Federal Chairman Michael Mertens made in the “süddeutsche Zeitung” not the environment, but for safety reasons: A tempo reduction to 130 kilometres an hour would reduce to evaluation of the police in serious traffic accidents. “We could save lives and serious injuries prevented.”