It was one of the longest awaited moments of Donald trump’s presidency: On Friday presented special investigator Robert Mueller and his investigative report on the allegations that the campaign team of the President have worked together with the Russian government. Trump had denied the allegations of hundreds of times, preferably at Twitter. Since Friday Silence reigns there.

That Trump is not on Twitter already significant. In the last few weeks, he had flooded his favorite medium almost with messages, more than 50 were alone last weekend. Preferred topic: Mueller’s investigation, the disparaged Trump as a “witch-hunt”. One would expect that he would have had to say at the conclusion of the investigation.

What is the meaning of the Pause?

Instead – Silence. Since Friday evening, 21:15 European time, the US President no longer has tweeted his last message is a video clip of a Meeting of the First Couple with several head of state of the Caribbean Islands heads in Florida. It is the third-longest Twitter break in Trumps. Once he had held to the testimony of Ex-FBI-President-James Comey, almost 44 hours as its communications Manager for Hope Hicks her office, it was put down 40 hours.

One of the main reasons for the Silence could be that Trump knows simply how it goes. Mueller’s report is in the Ministry of justice, according to the White house Trump has not been informed so far about the content, according to “The Hill”. Also, the Congress is waiting for the report, will get on the weekend with a summary.

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Will be charged to Trump in the Mueller report? What is the reaction of the President? And how to do it?

DPA The long Wait

The deputies is not enough, however. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has demanded according to Reports by Reuters and other media is already a full release of the report, the democratic members Adam Schiff wants to claim in doubt by court, he announced, according to “CNN”. Whether that will be necessary, but not to Trump itself, but the of him appointed Minister of justice, William Barr.

but One thing is already known: From the report itself, no new charges to follow. An acquittal of the same. It is still debatable whether a sitting President can be indicted. May Mueller have also discovered in the course of the investigation, additional crimes that would be investigated by local prosecutors separately, speculate as to U.S. legal experts, according to “The Hill”. That would be bad news for the defendant. In the case of Federal-level negotiated into allegations the President has the right to pardon the Condemned. In the case of convictions at the level of the Federal States was not possible. Local prosecutors have prepared appropriate to complain about for trump’s former Confidant Paul Manafort, reported by “Fortune” in February.

On Sunday, he then broke his Silence. Who hoped to now Statements to Muellert, but was disappointed In two in quick succession following a tweet he wished first of all, a good Morning – and repeated in capital letters of its Slogan “Make America Great Again”.

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