The Saxon police will check the background of the dance videos of young police officers, which appeared in the social networks. The two-minute long Clip shows several young women in the uniforms of the Saxon police in a locker room. A Reporter of the “image” and “B. Z.”, published on Sunday via Twitter and the police of Saxony, asked, “whether this is real or fake”. According to the reporter, the Video comes from a “COP chat”. In the meantime, the Reporter has deleted the Video or it has been deleted.


A scene from the Video, which was posted on Twitter. The star has made it to the sighted Person unrecognizable.

©Screenshot: Twitter reaction from the police of Saxony: “Aspiring public servants to even more sensitize”

The police replied that it was a privately recorded Video, which have now found its way into the Public. “The Video shows that our Commissioner candidates with pleasure,” said the officials.

“Such images can provoke different reactions. We will as soon as possible with all parties Involved in the conversation and the backgrounds of the Videos to discuss,” tweeted the police through their official Account. The need to raise the awareness of the budding civil servants.

understanding on the net: “Find the Video super”

In the network, the Clip is taken up mostly with understanding and joy: “have fun at training and profession, is half the battle”, wrote a Twitter user.

fs / DPA