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More than 400,000 diesel driver lawsuit against VW (4.34 p.m.)the death toll after a dam break in Brazil rises to 110 (4.09 PM)world war bomb blown up in Lingen – blast does damage (1.03 PM)defenders of El Chapo demand acquittal (0.25 PM)

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++ 8.07 PM: Stray Leopard injured several onlookers in the Indian city +++

A wild Leopard has sparked in the Indian city of Jalandhar in a panic. The animal grazed on Thursday for several hours by the 800,000 inhabitants in the city, in the North of the country and injured four people before it could be captured. In the case of most of the injured were onlookers who had come to the cat too close.

wildlife officials in the state of Punjab stated that the Leopard had come from the hills of the neighbouring state of Himachal Pradesh and through the forests and fields to Jalandhar.

+++ 7.10 PM: the German Bank profit succeed in the first year since 2014 +++

The German Bank has 2018 after three years of losses in a row as hoped back in the black. The net profit was 341 million euros, after a loss of 735 million a year earlier, as the Dax group announced in Frankfurt.

+++ 5.05 PM: USA: the Freezing Frost lasts +++

since The days of the prolonged cold wave in the US does not want to still soft: The National Weather Service predicts for the Mid-West and the North of the US continue to be life-threatening cold. The freezing Frost connected with some increasing Wind speeds lead to conditions that might cause susceptible people problems. Yesterday had temperatures of well below minus 30 degrees Celsius have been measured. In the strong of the cold wave affected millions of the metropolis of Chicago of the Frost.

Curious consequences of the cold wave

In the USA it is so cold that …

Up to minus 40 degrees Celsius in Parts of the USA. Schools remain closed, flights and trains. In some regions, lead to the extreme cold, but also very curious measures.

+++ 4.37 PM: blow hole leads to a Tunnel apparently planned the robbery of a Bank in Florida +++

Not bad at all amazed road workers in the US state of Florida, who wanted to repair a pothole. The hole led to the robbery of a Tunnel for a planned Bank such as the Federal police informed the FBI. Of the approximately 45-Meter-long Tunnel had been dug to a branch of the Chase Bank in the approximately 30 kilometres North of Miami city of Pembroke Pines.


Just creeping a man could go through the Tunnel, an FBI official

©FBI, AFP +++ 4.34 PM: More than 400,000 diesel driver’s lawsuit against VW +++

join hundreds of thousands of diesel drivers will team up against VW: Three months after the filing of the consumer complaint in the exhaust gas scandal against Wolfsburg have registered on 401.000 car buyer in the Register of the Federal office for justice. The Federation of German consumer organisations (vzbv) complains representing you against the car maker. The goal is that diesel drivers have easier access to compensation. When the court process starts, it is not yet clear.

+++ 4.09 PM: the death toll after a dam break in Brazil rises to 110 +++

After the dam break at an iron ore mine in Brazil, the number of confirmed deaths has risen to 110. 238 people were still missing, the civil protection authority said. The number of dead is likely to rise further. According to the estimates of the rescue forces, the prospect of finding Survivors is hardly. The last Survivors had been recovered on Saturday morning.

+++ 2.57 PM: Record finding of deadly drug Fentanyl to US border +++

On the border with Mexico, the US authorities have discovered the record number of 115 kilograms of the deadly drug Fentanyl. How the U.S. customs and border protection authority (CBP) said, was hidden the synthetic Opioid in a secret compartment in a tractor-trailer. Were seized 179 kilograms of Crystal Meth. The discovery has been made by the authorities at the border crossing in Nogales, in the U.S. state of Arizona. “This is the biggest discovery of Fentanyl in the history of the CBP,” said the head of the US customs in Nogales, Michael Humphries. The Opioid is 80 to 100 Times stronger than morphine. A quarter of a gram can be fatal.


The drugs were under cucumber

©Mamta Popat / Arizona Daily Star / AP AFP +++ 2.44 PM: Guaidó hidden wants no US military aid +++

The Venezuelan President Juan Guaidó has rejected military aid of the USA when you try to take over the government as undesirable, but also not completely excluded. “Here in Venezuela we are doing everything we can to pressure not build up, so that it is a scenario that nobody wants,” said Guaidó in an Interview with US broadcaster CNN on the question of whether the US military would accept help. US President, Donald Trump had previously repeatedly declared that all options were on the table.

+++ 1.10 p.m.: report: the number of Salafists in Germany rose +++

The number of Salafists in Germany rose after a media report on currently is 11,500. In 2017, there were still 10.800, writes the “Rheinische Post” citing Figures from the Federal Ministry of the interior. In North Rhine-Westphalia, which has for years been a stronghold of the Salafists, has remained the number according to the NRW Ministry of the interior at 3100 constant. That, however, had “no reason to sound the all-clear,” said the NRW Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU) of the newspaper. The risk of a terrorist attack in Germany remains high. “Although we have currently no evidence of a specific site of the attack and a specific stop time. But we must forge to expect constantly that there are people, the plans,” said Reul.

+++ 1.03 PM: world war II bomb in Lingen blown up – Explosion-damage +++

The demolition of a world war II bomb was aimed at the lower Saxony Lingen property damage. As the police reported, was heard the Explosion of the Five-ton unexploded bombs in the night to the border of the city. How high the damage is, and what exactly was damaged, was initially unclear. Injured is not have given it but that was it.


By the Explosion of the shop window panes were destroyed

©Preikschat / Nord-West-Media TV DPA

the bomb from the Second world war proved to be more complicated than assumed. It would not have been contrary to the initial assumption of “no significant risk”, police said Emsland via Twitter. Also a removal would be to dangerous been. The bomb had to be blown up, therefore, controlled.

+++ 0.32 hrs: Trump looks with intelligence to criticism on a line +++

After the sharp criticism of the U.S. intelligence services, President Donald Trump has hit back in conciliatory tones and looks in line with the safety authorities. Trump wrote in the short message service Twitter, he had a “great Meeting” with the secret service, the peaks in the White house. “We are in the case of Iran, the IS, North Korea etc. very United.”

The previous day had made Trump the competence of the secret service is still heavily in question. The intelligence services were to go in their positions on Iran “are extremely passive and naive” and should “perhaps (…) back to school!”

North Korea, Iran, climate

How Trump sees the world. And how its intelligence services in the world

what must have scared the people? Rather North Korea, the Islamic state and climate change, and less from Iran. To these estimates, the US got intelligence – they are in direct opposition to Donald trump.

+++ 0.25 o’clock: defenders of El Chapo demand acquittal +++

In the process against Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán in New York have called for its defenders to an acquittal of the Mexican drug bosses. “You don’t have to give in to the myth of El Chapo,” said attorney Jeffrey Lichtman in his closing argument to the address of the twelve jurors. These are to advise on the guilt or innocence of the 61-Year-old. In the case of a conviction Guzmán may face life imprisonment.

trial of drugs Baron

Ex-Bodyguard grabs: El Chapo is a killed at least three times, even – in the most gruesome way

By Daniel Wüstenberg

The evidence of the Prosecutor’s office downgraded Lichtman as a series of way lying. 14 witnesses, including former employees of guzmán’s, would want to reduce their own prison sentences with invented statements against Guzmán. “This government (of USA) has given you the world and then you have to lie like printed,” said Lichtman. The real boss of the Sinaloa cartel, Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada. Zambada and Guzman had headed the cartel from time to time.

judge Brian Cogan had to have Lichtman in part, in the barriers. “In this case there is no evidence that the government acted from a wrong motive,” he stated. Lichtman had argued, the Prosecutor had it in for Guzman, and wants him to bring in the drug war at any price behind bars. “The end does not justify the means,” said Lichtman.

+++ 0.24 PM: Spahn: cancer in ten to 20 years killable +++

the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn cancer keeps suffering in the foreseeable future for vanquished. “There is a good chance that we have defeated in ten to 20 years, the cancer”, said the CDU politician of the “Rheinische Post”. The medical progress is immense, the research is promising. “And we know considerably more. There is progress in cancer detection, prevention.” Cancer is after cardiovascular disease the second most common cause of death in Germany.

+++ 0.05 PM: Refugee aid workers are calling for safe havens in Europe for rescue +++

In a dramatic appeal, a coalition of refugee organisations, calls on the EU member States to bring in the Mediterranean sea salvaged migrants immediately to Europe, and to support private Maritime search and rescue better. Moreover, the EU should not tolerate any longer that the Survivors of the Libyan coast guard to be brought back in the crisis country, where torture and slavery threatened.

In the open letter to Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD) and interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU), since January at least 2500 women, children and men were drowned in the Mediterranean sea. “Meanwhile, the heads of state and government of the EU prior to this tragedy, their eyes locked, and in this way complicit in that.” The signatories include SOS Méditerranée, Doctors without borders and Oxfam.