Six weeks after the devastating dam break in Brazil with more than 180 dead, TÜV Süd examines potential failures in the accident and does not preclude consequences.

“With the support of own and external experts, TÜV Süd AG has examined its internal processes, as well as possible causes for the tragic dam break in Brumadinho, Brazil,” said a company representative speaker at the request of the German press Agency.

The service provider from Munich, had examined the dam at an iron ore mine in the state of Minas Gerais in the Southeast of the South American country last year, two Times. At least a TÜV-engineer, should have expressed doubts of the stability of the dam, as previously known. The dam was at 25. January broken and had caused a mudslide that killed at least 186 people. Around 120 people are still missing.

According to a report from “Spiegel online” accusing a Brazilian state Prosecutor of the German service provider negligence in the audit of the dam. “Should the studies show a misconduct on the part of TÜV Süd employees, the TÜV Süd AG with the necessary consequences,” it said in a written opinion.