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German mother with her son dead on the island of Tenerife (17.44 PM)a New Scottish independence referendum? (16.08)Russian passports to people in Eastern Ukraine (15.47 PM)Frank Elstner talks about Parkinson’s disease (14.37 PM)bus accident on the island of Madeira: the death toll from NRW (11.36 am)ban on Smoking in Notre-Dame disregarded (11.15 PM)

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+++ 23.50: Council of the armed forces in the Sudan: Agreement on “most of the demands” of the protest movement +++

The military Council in Sudan has reached a broad agreement has been reached with the protest movement. “We have reached an agreement on most of the claims” of the opposition Alliance for freedom and change, said military spokesman Schamseddine Kabbaschi after a Meeting with representatives of the protest movement. Moreover, the SCAF announced the resignation of three of its ten members. The military Council ruled the Sudan on a transitional basis since the fall of the decades-long authoritarian ruling heads of state Omar al-Bashir. The protest movement calls for an immediate Handover of Power to a civilian government. At the weekend, talks between the two sides had been for the time being, aborted, inconclusive.

+++ 22.56 at: Facebook expects billion fine for data scandal in the U.S. +++

Due to serious privacy violations, Facebook is expecting in the US, with a penalty of up to five billion dollars (4.5 billion euros). During the quarter, the group had therefore taken the precaution of already three billion dollars for page, the company said. Background investigations by the consumer protection authority the FTC to a possible violation of the social network of against a in 2011, closed commitment to privacy. Triggered the investigation by the FTC against the Internet had been consolidated by the scandal around the misuse of Facebook user data by the data analysis company Cambridge Analytica. The British company had secretly fished the data of some 87 million users. They were used among other things for the election campaign of US President Donald Trump.

+++ 21.37 PM: CNN: Deutsche Bank shall provide financial documentation Trumps to the authorities +++

The German Bank has handed over a report by the US channel CNN, according to financial records from U.S. President Donald Trump to the law enforcement authorities in New York. Deutsche Bank made, on request, any information concerning the case. The Bank, however, had already declared previously in the principle: “We are committed to cooperate with authorized investigations.” Also, the Prosecutor’s office in New York commented on the facts of the case on request. Also, several committees of the U.S. house of representatives request documents from Deutsche Bank, the Trump is said to have given loans in the volume of Billions. It is, among other things, the suspicion of dubious transactions in Russia.

+++ 21.35 PM: “Dallas”Star Ken Kercheval 83 years, died +++

Ken Kercheval, better known as Cliff Barnes from the US TV series “Dallas”, is dead. The American actor has died at the age of 83 years, as the US-industry leaves the “Hollywood Reporter” and “Variety” reported. The Manager of the actor, and a spokeswoman for a funeral company have thus confirmed his death. Famous Kercheval for his role as Oil Tycoon Cliff Barnes, the ever-losing against a player of J. R. Ewing (Larry Hagman), from the 80s Hit series “Dallas”. In the U.S., the series ran for 14 years continuously. Kercheval played in all seasons. Kercheval was a heavy smoker. In the 90s, he was diagnosed with lung cancer and had to undergo surgery.

+++ 21.05 PM: Trump: progress in the fight against drug-epidemic +++

US President Donald Trump sees its first progress of his campaign to the fight against drug abuse in the United States. “We are making great progress,” said Trump in Atlanta. Across the country, the number of drug-related deaths had declined by Overdose in the last twelve months by five percent, according to a paper from the White house. The abuse of opioids – mostly prescription painkillers and other hard drugs is one of the largest social problems in the United States. Millions of people are affected. The Trump-government provides for two years alone, six billion dollars to fight the crisis.

+++ 18.31 PM: WHO recommends more exercise and less screen time for young children +++

Less TV, more exercise, adequate sleep: The world health organization (WHO) has for the first time published a comprehensive recommendation for the physical activity of children under the age of five. It is, in particular, to make the Transition from phases of tranquility to game times, said the WHO representative for children’s health, Juana Willumsen, in Geneva. Growing health risks due to Obesity and lack of exercise, the publication of the WHO had made necessary. For babies, the UN recommends that authority daily physical activity for at least half an hour. This is also the time in which the Baby is lying on his stomach – a Position, which is associated in this age with great efforts. In addition, babies should not be the car for more than an hour at a stretch in a children’s or a high chair. The recommended sleep time is between twelve and 17 hours.

+++ 17.53 PM: Selenskyj calls for tougher sanctions against Russia because of a passport dispute +++

The designated Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj has called for a tightening of sanctions against Russia. “Ukraine counts on the support of the international community (…) and to intensify the diplomatic pressure and sanctions against Russia,” it said in a statement Selenskyjs. Occasion previously adopted rules are from Moscow, by the inhabitants of the Eastern Ukraine is easier for the Russian citizenship. Russian President Vladimir Putin had earlier signed on the day of, a decree by the people in the self-declared republics of Donetsk and Luhansk in the East of Ukraine in the future, in a simplified procedure, a Russian passport. Accordingly, the decision of the Russian authorities should not take over an application for longer than three months. According to the decree, it is “to protect the rights and freedoms” of the citizens””. It was a “humanitarian” measure. The step of Moscow took place a few days after the election, the political newcomer Selenskyj to the new head of state of Ukraine.

+++ 17.44 PM: German mother with her son dead in cavern on Tenerife found +++

A woman from Germany and her ten-year-old son are in a cave at the spaniches of the Canary Islands has been found-the island of Tenerife dead. The bodies of the since Tuesday as a reported missing Germans had been discovered in the context of a large search operation with more than 100 forces against 16.30 o’clock in the cave near the municipality of Adeje, informed the Guardia Civil. The cause of death is still unclear, an involvement of the arrested father on the death of the two was not ruled out, said a judicial spokesman on request.

The German had been taken to police information on Tuesday evening in an apartment in Adeje, firmly, after a second child of the couple of passers-by was crying and in shock, picked up. The five-year-old had told the police that the father brought the whole family to the cave and both the mother and the two children brutally attacked, reported the Online edition of the newspaper “El País”, referring to the competent authorities in the island’s capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The Small was succeeded in the escape.

+++ 16: 46: court of limited fleet of the Hamburg taxi to 200 cars +++

The new Hamburg taxi-service Moia can’t expand its fleet after a court order first, as planned. Until legal clarification of an objection to the operating permit, the company may use, in Hamburg, only 200 cars and not, as planned, up to 500 taxis. A taxi company had appealed to the opposition to Moia. The new mobility service is not stopped, but hindered. Moia announced a complaint with the administrative court against the preliminary decision of the administrative court. With 200 vehicles, no city is more Service is possible.

+++ 16.08 PM: the Scottish government chief calls for new referendum on independence in 2021 +++

The Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has a second Referendum on the independence of Scotland, demanded lands of great Britain. Your government will launch “soon” a bill for a new Referendum until 2021, said Sturgeon on Wednesday before deputies in Edinburgh. She hoped the green light from Parliament to the end of the year.


Scotland’s head of government, Nicola Sturgeon

©Jane Barlow/PA Wire REUTERS

In a first Referendum on independence in 2014, a narrow majority of Scots (55 percent) had against independence from the United Kingdom voted. More significantly, the Scots, the Brexit Referendum in the year 2016 for great Britain remain in the EU (62 per cent).

+++ 15.47 watch: people in Eastern Ukraine are to simple to be Russian citizens +++

The people in the areas controlled by separatists in Eastern Ukraine should be easier to get Russian passports. A corresponding decree signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, as the Kremlin announced on Wednesday in Moscow. In order for Russia to expand its influence in the areas.

Accordingly, can be inhabitants with permanent residence in “individual circles” of the territories of Donetsk and Luhansk in a “simplified procedure” – Russian citizens. In the communication, the speech is of a rapid examination of the documents.

Earlier, it was recognised in Moscow already by the separatist authorities issued documents such as birth certificates or vehicle licences, which was internationally criticized. The decree had been speculated for quite some time in Russian and Ukrainian media.


inhabitants with permanent residence in “individual circles” of the territories of Donetsk and Luhansk may be according to a Russian decree in a “simplified procedure” for Russian citizens

©Gogle Maps star +++ 15.27 PM: motorists in the Gotthard tunnel of loose wheel +++

killed by A loose wheel killed a 65-year-old motorist in the Gotthard tunnel in Switzerland. As the police said, had the wheel for around two kilometres before the tunnel exit in Göschenen by a semi-trailer. The tire touched first in the opposite lane a Bus was thrown back and through the windshield of the car. The 65-Year-old died at the scene of the accident. The driver of the truck and the bus were uninjured. The Gotthard road tunnel was closed for around three hours.

+++ 15: Great sympathy at the funeral of journalist McKee in Northern Ireland +++

leaders of great Britain and Northern Ireland have participated on Wednesday at the funeral ceremony for the killed journalist Lyra McKee in Belfast. The 29-Year-old was shot dead last Thursday evening in violent clashes in the city of Londonderry.

conflict in Northern Ireland

The “New IRA” – Who is the group that is making Terror in the UK?

DPA +++ 14.59 PM: Disappeared Chinese Ex-Interpol chief formally arrested +++

in China for months, missing former Interpol chief Meng Hongwei is formally arrested. Meng was arrested “on suspicion of accepting bribes”, such as the Chinese Prosecutor’s office said on Wednesday. The case will be handled in a “more”, it said. This suggests that in China, usually to a forthcoming indictment.

Meng was gone by the end of September 2018 during a visit to China. Later, the Chinese authorities stated that he had been accused of corruption. The ruling Communist party of China is currently massively against corruption in their own ranks.

+++ 14.37 PM: Frank Elstner, speaks for the first time about his Parkinson’s disease+++

show host Frank Elstner has spoken in an Interview with the weekly newspaper “die Zeit”, for the first time that he is suffering from Parkinson’s disease. In the article, with the title “I tremble stop” (here, behind a paywall) says the popular Entertainer that he had first noticed five years ago that somewhat agree with him. Three years ago a visit to a neurologist to have brought the bad certainty. “Except for my family and my best friend, I have told it yet to anyone,” said Elstner of the Hamburg newspaper. The popular Entertainer and Journalist, was a few days ago 77 years old. He is the inventor of the TV-show “Wetten, dass …”, which was first broadcast in 1981 and as one of the most successful TV Shows in Europe.

Sad news

The Comedian Markus Maria Profitlich is suffering from Parkinson’s disease

+++ 13:24 PM: student beats teacher in France – jaw broken +++

In the dispute over its cap has a 18-Year-old in the sewinge of Paris, a teacher was beaten and his jaw broken. The teacher in a French technical secondary school have asked the students previously, the cap to sell, reported the newspaper “Le Parisien”. The 62-Year-old was treated in a hospital. The Academy of Amiens confirmed the incident in Beauvais, about 80 kilometres North-West of Paris, expressed himself in Detail on the occasion of the attack during a break. The student of an architecture degree class have been taken after the attack on Tuesday, the feast, and came into police custody.

+++ at 13:21: spread of measles: EU and WHO to advertise for the Vaccination +++

Because of the spread of measles in Europe, the EU and the world drums health organization, together for the Vaccination. In the case of 8o.000 infections in Europe Measles there have been 2018, more than 70 deaths, said the WHO and the EU prevention center ECDC at the Start of the European immunization week. The data for the first few months of 2019 indicated that the Trend is set to continue.


fact check about vaccinations: “it is necessary to make the measles?”

dpa +++ 12.42 PM: Four people are Dead after a highway accident in the Netherlands +++

In the case of a highway accident in the vicinity of The Hague, four people were killed. The car was abandoned on Wednesday night from yet unknown causes of the road and against the guard rail, a police officer, the police announced. According to Reports in the Dutch media, it was the Victims, four young men from the same Turkish family. The police had no information on the identity of the dead. Police photos showed that the Car was destroyed by the impact.

+++ 12.40 PM: Hanover mayor Schostok due to serious infidelity +++

accused accused The public Prosecutor’s office Hanover mayor Stefan Schostok (SPD) due to serious infidelity. Schostok is to have the latest in April 2017 of non-permissible Salary increases for two of its top officials knew, which were then paid with his agreement, such as the office of the Prosecutor announced. Also, the previous head of the office of mayor, as well as the suspended culture and former staff head of the Department of the lower Saxony state capital, have been accused of serious infidelity.

+++ 11.55 PM: at Least 15 Dead and many injured in Explosion in Syria +++

In an Explosion in the Syrian province of Idlib at least 15 people are killed and 35 more injured. The Explosion occurred in the middle of a residential area in the city of Dschisr al-Schughur, BelTA learned from circles of the local civil protection. It was unclear whether the Explosion was caused by a bomb or by rocket fire.

The province of Idlib is largely controlled by the Islamist group Haiat Tahrir al-sham (HTS). The province is the last Region of Syria, which is still predominantly in the hands of rebels.

+++ 11.53 am: a cry for help due to drought: trees in the street casting “Every Liter counts” +++

Due to the ongoing drought, are called citizens of Berlin, and now is, when watering the street trees and young Green to help. The parks and recreation Department alone, can do this with his human resources said the Baustadtrat of the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Florian Schmidt. “Especially a lot of need water the newly planted trees and other plants on the roadside,” he added. A second dry period in the summer of 2018 could withstand neither the young plants are still the old stock. “Every Liter counts”, stressed the authority.

+++ 11.51 PM: Lithuania imposed a travel ban against Holocaust denier Irving +++

Lithuania prohibits to the British Holocaust denier David Irving (81) entry. The controversial publicist may 15. April 2024 to enter the country in the Baltic EU and Nato country. The decision had been made on the basis of information of the foreign Ministry, said a spokeswoman for the Ministry of the interior belonging to the migration Department in Vilnius, the Agency BNS.

Lithuania has responded to reports of a of Irving in the fall planned trip to locales of the Second world war and the persecution of the Jews in Poland and the Baltic States. “The dissemination of his views, denying the Holocaust and Adolf Hitler prices, is a crime in Lithuania, and we cannot allow such crimes to be committed,” said foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius.

+++ 11: 43 PM: military helicopter to reduce peat fire in Goldenstedt +++

With the help of a helicopter of the Bundeswehr, the peat fire is to be contained in the lower Saxony Goldenstedt in Vechta. The machine will still record today, from the nearby HART mountain lake up to 5000 litres of water over the fire area to fly, said district spokesman Jochen Steinkamp. The lake had been blocked by the police. The fire had broken out on Easter Monday. Hundreds of rescue workers were deployed.

+++ 11.36 PM: Buskatastrophe: About a dozen deaths from NRW +++

After the Bus-accident of Madeira must expect the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia, with around a dozen deaths from its cities and municipalities. How the German press Agency learned from police circles, the largest group of a total of 29 deaths from NRW. Are affected, therefore, all parts of the country, including Cologne, Langenfeld, Euskirchen, Paderborn, Germany, Elsdorf, Pulheim, and Minden.

The Bus crashed on Wednesday evening near the island’s capital of Funchal down a slope and crashed into it. At the time of the accident the 29 tourists who came to previous findings, all from Germany died. 27 people suffered injuries.

+++ 11:15 am: a worker at Notre-Dame disobeyed the Smoking ban +++

Before the great fire of Notre-Dame-workers have respect on the roof of the Paris Cathedral, the strict non-Smoking rules. The scaffolding company Le Bras Freres admitted to the AFP news Agency. Some of their employees had “and that,” said the company. “We’re sorry.” The company denied, but a connection with the devastating fire.

employees of the company were on the roof of the Cathedral for the renovation of a scaffold in order for the 90-metre high pointed tower work, collapsed in the fire. Company spokesman Marc Eskenazi pleaded for understanding for the workers who had disregarded the Smoking ban. It was “a bit difficult, from the scaffold to descend, because that takes time”.

fire in the Cathedral

“you live!” The bees of Notre-Dame have braved the Inferno

AFP +++ 10.55 PM: study: Nine von ten Germans would electronic health record use +++

in Spite of privacy concerns would benefit a recent study showed that more than 90 percent of the German electronic health record. This is a representative Online survey by the opinion research Institute Toluna on behalf of the insurance company pronova BKK. Only nine percent of the population reject, therefore, the use of an electronic health record.

the survey of 1000 people aged 18 years and, in March, revealed, hold 71 percent of Central data storage in case of emergency is helpful. 68% welcome the time savings, because the findings do not need to be requested. 66% appreciate the better exchange of information between Doctors and hospitals, the the virtual file.

+++ 10.48 PM: traffic at German airports continues to grow +++

The traffic at German airports is also grown in the first quarter of this year. Of the 22 airports in the country were counted according to the industry Association ADV for Wednesday 50.4 million passengers. The were 4.3 per cent more, and a stronger growth than in the prior-year period.

+++ 10.14 PM: new Zealand offers Christchurch Victims permanent residence permit to stay +++

new Zealand has provided the Survivors of the attacks of Christchurch and their families, a permanent residence permit in view. The dedicated visa category “recognises the impact of the tragedy on the life” of those Affected, and to give people with temporary Visa “is a bit of certainty,” said the new Zealand immigration authority. People living in new Zealand and during the attacks in one of the two mosques, who can apply, therefore, as such a visa as their closest relatives. Applications must be submitted within the next two years. The Definition of “immediate family” includes the family of the partner, and the grandparents of 25-Year-old.

An Australian right-wing extremists had on the 15. March in two mosques in Christchurch on believers shot and 50 people killed. The 28-year-old Australian was accused of 50 counts of murder.