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firefighters shopping centre in Unkel (21.17 am)in Berlin grants: First, households in Köpenick have the power back (19.46 PM)police stops a driver at a speed of 214 (18.34 PM)Parliament of Basel climate emergency calls (17: 32)police find mummified corpse in the apartment in Thuringia (16:42 PM)

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+++ 22: 15: Mexico: Indigenous environmental activist shot +++

Unknown to have killed an environmental activist in Mexico. The leader of a movement of Indigenous, Samir Flores, was shot on his doorstep, the man had subsequently died in hospital, informed the Secretary of state of the state of Morelos South of Mexico city. Flores had campaigned against the construction of a steam power plant in Huexca. To begin the project that would propel President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador ahead, next weekend for a referendum.

Local authorities made a connection between the attack on the activists and its use against the construction project. The first investigations indicated a Background of organised crime, said the attorney General of the state of Morelos, Uriel Carmona. The culprits left behind a card with a message for Flores. What’s on this stand, was initially not announced. President of the Latin American country, condemned the attack on the activists.

+++ 22.14 PM: Berlin: All Köpenicker households have electricity again +++

the more than 30,000 affected households After a more than 30-hour power outage in the Berlin district of Köpenick. As the energy supplier Vattenfall, announced late in the evening, all the customers back on the grid. Construction of a bridge triggered on Tuesday afternoon, a large power outage in South-East Berlin. More than 31,000 households and nearly 2000 commercial enterprises were affected. First of all, the fault should be fixed on Wednesday afternoon, the repair work is delayed. Late in the evening, the first of the two severed cable was repaired systems.

+++ 21.17 PM: customers complain about Scratching in the throat: a shopping center in Unkel cleared +++

After complaining of respiratory irritation has been cleared on Wednesday evening, a shopping centre in Unkel (Rheinland-Pfalz). 55 people have complained of respiratory problems, four of them had been brought to the hospital, said a fire Department spokesman. The other had been supplied by the rescue forces on site. The cause was initially unclear.

in The evening, around 140 forces of the fire brigade, police, rescue services and public order office were in use. It will be presumed that a substance is in contact with said fire Department spokesman. What it was, had yet to be established. In the building, measurements were carried out. The police in Linz on the Rhine, spoke of an “unclear situation”. Information about serious injuries there were. Most of those Affected have complained of a “scratchy throat”, said a police spokesman.

+++ 20.19 PM: earthquake frightened the inhabitants of the Aegean +++

An earthquake has rocked in the evening, the Northern Aegean sea and many people is frightened. The center of the quake was in the Region of the Turkish holiday town of Ayvacik is just a few kilometres to the North-East of the Greek island of Lesvos. From the geodynamic Institute in Athens, the tremor was mixing it with 4.9 and from the Mediterranean earthquake centre in Strasbourg with 5.1 measured. Immediate reports of injuries or serious damage were at first, neither the Greek nor the Turkish side, unanimously reported the media of the two countries.

“The quake frightened the people here. We have felt it strongly. There is, however, no significant damage,” reported a Reporter from the Greek island of Lesvos in the Greek national radio. Many people ran to the road, such as television broadcasters of the two countries showed.

+++ 19.46 at: Berlin: First, households have electricity again +++

After the more than 24-hour Blackout in Parts of Berlin, the first of the more than 30,000 affected households. In many houses of the old town of Köpenick, light, burn a spokeswoman for the energy group Vattenfall said on Wednesday evening. It seeks to provide street by street. It but it was initially not possible to get all Concerned back to the grid. The Whole thing was only a beginning. We hope to have the power to late in the evening fully made.

power outage in the South-East of the town

Blackout in Berlin to take: the citizens respond to the exceptional situation


On Tuesday, the power supply in large Parts of the city was broken part together. In addition to many private households and 2000 businesses were to keep since from the power supply is cut off. Many of the homes remained cold and dark, the public living in the affected area came largely to a Standstill. The district of Treptow-Köpenick with a total of almost 135,000 households with more than 265,000 inhabitants.

+++ 19: 44: Venezuela blocks all ports for ships +++

The Venezuelan government has blocked all the ports in the country for ships. Up to the 24. February is likely to leave, no ships, the ports said in a statement, the armed forces, the AFP in Caracas that was about it. With the Blockade, the government wants to prevent that aid from the United States enter the country

+++ 19.35 PM: the Federation and the Länder to make way for digital Pact free +++

the Federal government and the Länder have agreed on Amendments to the basic law and thus paved the way for the digital Pact school. The mediation Committee summed up the evening a decision, as after the meeting in Berlin was informed. With the digital Pact, the countries will receive from the Federal government five billion euros for a better technical equipment in schools.

+++ 19.21 watch: human rights activists accuse Venezuela’s government of targeted killings before +++

In the power struggle between the government and the Opposition in Venezuela, the state security forces, according to estimates by human rights activists targeted government opponents killed. In the case of the protests against President Nicolás Maduro at the end of January, within five days, 41 people were killed. In at least six cases of members of a police is a special unit of their victims literally, reported Amnesty International.

and Then had tampered with the officers to the crime scene and Killed as a Criminal. Many of the victims came from poor neighborhoods, whose residents had kept for a long time to Maduro, but also, and increasingly, of the more controversialrequested the head of state turned away. “As we have already seen many times in Venezuela, to make the authorities would have us believe that those who came during the protests to death, Criminals were,” said Amnesty’s regional Director, Erika Guevara-Rosas. “But their only crime was that they dared to change and live a life in Dignity.”

+++ 18.50 PM: Belgium calls for the end of German payments to former Nazi collaborators +++

Belgians, which were fought in the Second world war on the side of the Nazi regime and hurt, in the future no German victims of pension. The Parliament in Brussels, called on the Federal government, in a resolution, the appropriate payments. It is not fair that victims of national socialism received no supplements, while Belgian collaborators related to a tax-free pension. The Federal labour Ministry in Berlin, it was clear that among the remaining 18 beneficiaries in Belgium, no Ex-members of the Waffen-SS.

for More information on benefit recipients was not able to do the Ministry. It have no knowledge of the individual cases, said a spokeswoman. The Guardian could both Belgian nationals as well as German, living in Belgium. For living in Belgium Eligible according to the Federal pensions act (BVG) is the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia responsible.

+++ 18.34 PM: police stop a driver at a speed of 214 Federal street +++

A motorist who sped the pace 214, on the B81 in the direction of Magdeburg out, has been stopped by the police. While trying to catch a flight, had driven the 49-Year-old in the morning, first 161 km/h, although only 100 kph was allowed, informed the motorway police.

The couple from the resin wanted to reach a flight booked in Berlin, it said. The driver ignored a persistent sign of the civilian strip team, the car was with a video on-the-go, and tried to escape. According to police, the man has to expect a fine of 1200 Euro, three months driving ban and points in Flensburg. It remained unclear, whether the Couple arrived in a timely manner to the airport.

+++ at 17:32: the Parliament of Basel calls for climate declared a state of emergency +++

On the Initiative of the for months, for more climate protection-striking students, the Parliament of the border city of Basel became the first Swiss city has declared a climate emergency. In the Great Council of 71 members, 17 voted against it on Wednesday, the issue of climate change when making decisions, more of a priority. Only the rights of the SVP, however, with the bold words can not solve problems, dismissing them.

The Resolution has no effect, the term “emergency” was not meant in the legal sense, stressed the politician. But it has symbolic value. Previously, cities such as Los Angeles in the USA, Vancouver in Canada and London had adopted similar resolutions.

+++ 17.20: media: “Rockpalast”-founder Peter Rüchel’s dead +++

The founder of the legendary WDR-“Rockpalast”, Peter Rüchel, is dead. The consistently report the “Focus” and the “Kölner Stadt Anzeiger”. Both media rely on a narrow Leverkusen’s friends Rüchels, as well as his direct successor in the “Rockpalast”-editorial, Peter summer. The “Rockpalast”-the inventor was shortly before his 82. Birthday died after a long illness in a hospital. Peter Rüchel did Transfers with the devised Format of a live concert music television revolutionized it in both media.

Serious illness

goosebumps moment: Katy Perry sings at home for eight-year-old Grace, because the concert missed

+++ at 17:01: grenades in Dresden, during an inspection at the Dresden Central station, hand grenades are a real +++

according to the assessment of the land office of criminal investigation (LKA) real. The investigation and the controlled demolition of first of a total of 18 grenades have shown that detonators and shrapnel from industrial production originated, according to the LKA on Wednesday. The content is therefore a high probability of a military conventional explosives.

The grenades were on Tuesday the car was found at the Dresden Central station, hidden in a terrain. Two men, aged 17 and 28 years in prison because of a violation of the war weapons control act in pre-trial detention.

+++ at 16:45: BGH provides important steps in the dispute in order to expensive cancer drugs +++

In a dispute with clinics to high bills for cancer patients, the private health insurance companies can require, in principle, part of the money for your Insured. It must, however, be certain conditions to be met, as a principle, the judgment of the Federal court of justice (BGH), which was announced on Wednesday in Karlsruhe. Some questions are also clarified in the individual processes. (Az. VIII ZR 115/18, etc.)

drugs for outpatient chemotherapy, the hospital pharmacies are mixing Affected individual. For 19 percent sales tax were previously due to the Bundesfinanzhof 2014 made it clear that such drugs are exempt from the tax. The Insured have paid too much, to be reimbursed the insurance companies a lot of. It can go in the individual case, to several thousand euros. Nationwide, numerous processes are running. The Supreme civil judge of the Supreme court give for now the line.

The Problem with the settlement relates to statutory funds. You argue in parallel in front of the social courts to refund.

United States

Stupid ran away: shoplifters flee straight to the police station

+++ 16:42 p.m.: police find mummified corpse in the apartment in Thuringia +++

In an apartment in the Thuringian town of Holy city, the police discovered the mummified corpse of a 64-year-old woman. The officials were informed Wednesday by a Doctor that you have not seen your patient for quite a long time. Subsequently, the police forced their way on Tuesday into the apartment and discovered the body.

In the apartment was found according to police sources, the 40-year-old daughter. She was initially arrested, but later released. The medical-legal examination of the corpse initially showed no references to violence. Further investigations have not stood still, so that the cause of death yet.

+++ at 16:40: luxury Lodge in the Peruvian jungle ambush +++

In a RAID on a Lodge in the Peruvian jungle region of Madre de Dios, a man was killed. Around 40 tourists were taken on Tuesday evening (local time) temporarily as hostages. The perpetrators were Colombian and Venezuelan Criminals, sagte the Governor of Madre de Dios, Luis Hidalgo, the transmitter of Radio Nacional. The death victim was a local tour guide. The Criminals had robbed the Lodge cash and fled, said the Lodge Manager José Koechlin von Stein the station RPP.

+++ at 16:40: Belgium calls for the end of German payments to former Nazi collaborators +++

Belgian citizens, which were fought in the Second world war on the side of the Nazi regime and hurt, in the future no German victims of pension. The Parliament in Brussels, called on the Federal government on Wednesday, in a resolution, the appropriate payments. It was not fair that the victims of national socialism received no supplements, while Belgian collaborators related to a tax-free pension, – stated in the Text.

claim to be German victims of pensions in Belgium, both English-speaking Ostbelgier, which were being conscripted, as well as the Flemish and the Walloons, who joined the German armed forces, said Christophe Brüll, a historian at the University of Luxembourg. For a pension from Germany you would have to prove a war injury and is likely to be due to war crimes.

it is Unclear how many people in Belgium, such pensions or relative, and how high the payments are. At a hearing in the Belgian chamber of deputies in 2017, the then German Ambassador Rüdiger Lüdeking, there was at this time 27 recipients of German victims of pensions in Belgium.

+++ at 16:27: New York subway draws a man in the Tunnel – dead +++

for A shutdown at the end of the New York subway has dragged a man into the Tunnel. The victim was killed, as the “New York Times” on Wednesday reported. According to witnesses, the 39-Year-old went on Tuesday evening (local time) at the train station in the famous Grand Central station along the yellow-marked edge, as a piece of his clothes in the train caught. The “New York Times”, according to footage from surveillance cameras showed, how he’s thrown against a staircase and into the Tunnel was dragged and then against a power box came across. As a helper arrived, the man was according to police reports, was already dead.

+++ at 15:37: skirt boss Hanebuth sentence +++

rock boss Frank Hanebuth threatens in Spain facing a long jail sentence in Spain. In the case of the indictment against him and 45 other alleged Ex-members of the biker gang “Hells Angels” before the state court of justice in Madrid, the prosecution asked for Hanebuth 13 years in prison, a spokesman for the judiciary announced on Wednesday on request. The 54-Year-old from Hanover and the co-defendants, among other things, drug trafficking, pimping, establishing a criminal Association, kidnapping, extortion, human trafficking and money laundering in Spain are accused of.

+++ at 15:19: Karl Lagerfeld gets no public ceremony +++

on Tuesday, the deceased fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, it is not intended as a public ceremony or commemoration. “We respect the desire of Karl Lagerfeld,” said a spokesman of Lagerfeld’s fashion house of the German press Agency in Paris. For the funeral there is so far no decisions.

animal protection organization

Peta comments on the death of the “arch-enemy” Karl Lagerfeld – and reaps a Shitstorm

The daily newspaper “Le Monde” reported that Lagerfeld had planned a cremation. The last Parisian fashion had died, according to the on Tuesday in Neuilly, near Paris. The fashion house Chanel, where Lagerfeld worked for decades as a creative Director, had not spoken of the details.

Lagerfeld arrived in Hamburg to the world – according to their own figures, in September 1935, by which he would be 83 years old. As the birth years 1933 and 1938 are circulating.

+++ 14.57 PM: US military plane in Leipzig crash-landed +++

A military plane of the US army is forced to land at the airport Leipzig/Halle. Previously, there had been technical problems on the aircraft, a spokeswoman for the airport said. The airport fire brigade was disengaged, but I do not have to intervene. A technician on Board solved the Problem after a few hours, and the Boeing 747 could start again in the afternoon, the spokeswoman said. Previously had reported, the “Leipziger Volkszeitung”.

before the machine landed, then she left kerosene. This is according to the airport, a customary procedure because the plane would have been in for a landing too hard. The fuel is released over a prescribed, uninhabited area, stressed the spokeswoman.

+++ 14: 51: BKA seized 50 million euros for money laundering suspicion +++

The Federal criminal police office has seized, after three years of money-laundering investigations against three Accused of property and accounts worth around 50 million euros. The lead public Prosecutor’s office Munich I, assumes that the assets from money laundering, the proceeds derived in connection with the so-called Russian Laundromat, like the BKA and the Prosecutor’s office said. Already on Monday, four real estate worth about 40 million euros in Schwalbach am Taunus, Germany, Nuremberg, Regensburg and Mühldorf had been seized at the Inn. Next to it was seized, therefore, a Bank account in Latvia with an expected credit of approximately 1.2 million euros derived from the sale of a property in Chemnitz. The investigators have secured in addition, cash balances at various banks in Germany, in the amount of around 6.7 million euros.

In the case of the Russian Laundromat is according to the authorities, a criminal grouping to a former senior employee of 2016 by the banking Supervisory authority in Latvia, settled AS Trasta Komersbanka. You should have used for their deeds, thousands of letter-box companies. The group generated according to investigators from 2011 to 2014 by money more than a hundred million dollars laundering of so-called shadow fees, most of which were collected by Russian clients. Overall, funds worth more than 22 billion US dollars of about 20 Russian banks via banks in Moldova and Latvia had been transferred.

+++ 14.31 watch: 43-ignites-Standing in front of the Krefeld court building at +++

in Front of the Krefeld court center has fired a 43-year-old man suffered life-threatening injuries. The man from Neuss in North Rhine-Westphalia, was doused with a liquid and serious burns suffered, police said. Justice officials had him rushed to the street to help, and would have been able to smother the flames with Blankets and fire extinguishers, said a court spokesman. A rescue helicopter flew the injured to a hospital.

At a court date last Friday to the national court, it is evidence of a mental illness of the man. The process was then suspended to allow it to of a psychiatrist on the question of his guilt ability to evaluate, said the spokesman. Was accused the 43-Year-old due to an attack on a police officer, the phone was gone to break. He had been convicted of this by the district court to 1550 Euro fine, and in the appeal before the land court have been withdrawn. Today, the man had no appointment on the court.

+++ 14.06 PM: a power outage in Berlin-Köpenik, probably late in the evening +++

The large-scale power failure in South-East Berlin is expected to be fixed in the evening complete. fixed We assume that the full supply can only be at 21.30 restored, said the spokesperson for the energy supplier Vattenfall for the Berlin electricity network. The cable would have to be completely redone. Starting around 18.30 o’clock, it ought to be a part of the supply, with about half of about 31,000 households and 2000 businesses could be re-supplied. In the case of a hole in the Salvador-Allende-bridge had been damaged on the yesterday afternoon, next to the main cable, the replacement cable.

+++ 13.55: Swiss UBS Bank in Paris, was sentenced to a record fine +++

Due to transactions with tax evaders, the Swiss will have to pay Bank UBS in France a daily penalty payment of € 3.7 billion. A Paris court ruled. The prosecution had called for a penalty in this amount. The indictment alleged that the UBS money laundering in connection with tax evasion and illegal recruitment of customers. Because of the investigation, the French judiciary had already imposed a bail of 1.1 billion euros against the money house. Before the court, the French branch of UBS, as well as six Managers were.

The Bank had communicated, before the judgment, which in France amounts claimed were justified neither by the evidence nor the law.

+++ 13.48 PM: dismissal of a Catholic chief physician to re-marriage, are invalid +++

The termination of a chief physician of a Catholic hospital because of his divorce and re-marriage is invalid. This was decided by the Federal labour court (BAG) in Erfurt, Germany. The Catholic doctor had been at a disadvantage compared to his non-Catholic colleagues is inadmissible. The doctor had, in 2008, divorced and then civilly married. According to the labour contract, he was obliged to observe the principles of Catholic faith and morals. The Catholic clinic saw in the re-marriage of a breach of the contractual obligations.


judgment of the Federal labour court

Church and state – this marriage urgently needs to be divorced

The BAG explained the termination as early as 2011 to be invalid. Recalling the right to self-determination of the churches, the Federal constitutional court quashed this judgment. In the second run, the BAG won backing from the European court of justice in Luxembourg. Thereafter, the Erfurt judges held now on, your original decision. In the case of Protestant or nondenominational Doctors of the clinic have accepted a re-marriage.

+++ 13.33 PM: Nine men in Egypt because of the attack on attorney-General hung +++

Because of the assassination of the Egyptian Prosecutor-General against three and a half years, nine men executed in Egypt. According to justice data, they were among a group of a total of 28 Suspects were convicted in 2017, due to the assassination of attorney General Hisham Barakat to death. The human rights organization Amnesty International had in vain demanded that the executions be suspended. It is not fair, people on the basis of a result of torture and forced confessions.

Amnesty that already six other men earlier this month after unfair trials and executed. Human rights organizations have been complaining of for a Long time, the state Repression under Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, is going on with all hardness against Islamists as well as against government critics.

+++ 13.23 PM: “Gorch Fock”-renovators Elsflether insolvency request +++

The redevelopment of the Navy sailing school ship “Gorch Fock” officer Elsflether Werft AG is set this Wednesday to file for bankruptcy want to the shipyard. The Chairman and CEO of Axel Birk said in Elsfleth. Objective of insolvency proceedings in self-administration.

Berlin3: Ailing Marine school ship

135 instead of 10 million: Why the “Gorch Fock” nevertheless, it is being renovated

Originally, 10 million euros were earmarked, a total of 75 million were out of it, there are now 135 million. Even if the costs are out of control are gone – the renovation of the “Gorch Fock”.

Axel front trees +++ 12:53 PM: anti-corruption investigations: Eight judges in Lithuania arrested +++

In the Wake of corruption investigations, the Lithuanian authorities have arrested 26 people, including eight judges and five lawyers. It is a matter of bribery, undue influence and abuse of office, said attorney General Evaldas Pasilis Lithuanian media, at a press conference in Vilnius.

According to investigations by the Anti-corruption authority STT bribe for decisions in administrative, civil and criminal matters, in a total estimated amount of 400,000 euros to be paid for it.

+++ 12:51 p.m.: corpse not buried: Afghanistan debated about soldiers-suicide +++

In the Northern Afghan city of Kunduz has taken a young man in the police headquarters, the life, after the authorities had transported the corpse of his father in his home province. Father and son had been soldiers, and most recently in the Northern troubled province Farjab stationed, said the Counsellor Farahnas Pamiri. There, the father had been killed around two weeks ago in a Taliban attack. Out of frustration, to have days with no help from the authorities for transportation of the corpse in the native village get to have shot the son with the service weapon of a police officer in the headquarters.

The death of the young man and his motives were the case, temporarily become the most discussed topic in the social media of Afghanistan to rise. In the country, it is common for people on the same day to bury. This does not happen, it can cause great Stress for family members.

+++ at 12:49: grubbing-up stop for the hambach forest to the autumn of 2020 +++

The energy company RWE has said for the hambach forest, regardless of the court’s decisions stop Deforestation by 2020. The company got the decision in the grubbing-up of the season until the spring of 2020 not to chop down forests at the request of the North Rhine-Westphalian government in the sense of a pacification of the conflicts hit, said RWE. After that, is likely to be re-cleared.


Protest in a tree house

“You saw and heard cries of” activist tells of eviction in the hambach forest

NRW Minister Armin Laschet (CDU), said in the morning in a under the direction of the state government the decisions of the coal Commission for the phasing out of brown coal: “From today, there is a deforestation moratorium for the hambach forest”.” According to Laschet, the Moratorium until the autumn, so until the next deforestation season.

In the recommendations of the Commission of the receipt of the long-fought hambach forest had been referred to as “desirable”. Also Laschet this appeal.

+++ 12:33 PM: Three members leave the British government is party due to Brexits +++

In the dispute over the Brexit three members of the British Tories have left the conservative party in government. The three Parliamentarians who had called for a second Brexit Referendum, announced their decision in a letter to the Prime Minister Theresa May. You want to be. a group of renegade Labour member connect, which joined on Monday from the opposition party

M. extensor: Last Call

All the collecting and hoarding out of fear of Brexit. We were warned not to

By Michael Streck +++ 12:32 p.m.: Kremlin chief Putin warns US against further confrontation +++

Russian President Vladimir Putin has the US in his speech to the Nation before a further confrontation course against Russia and an arms race. Washington should look good enough for the speed and the range of Russian weapons systems, before decisions on new armor, steps that Moscow should take that as a threat. “We are not interested in a confrontation with the United States,” said the Kremlin chief in Moscow in front of hundreds of politicians and representatives from business, culture, and Religion.

+++ 12:18 p.m.: report: the number of Church leavers in major cities to 17 percent and increased the +++

In the ten largest cities in Germany joined in 2018, according to a report in the average, about 17 percent more people from the Catholic and Protestant churches than in 2017. At the top of Cologne and Essen are with an increase of 24 percent, reported the “time”-Supplement to “Christ & Welt”. It followed on the squares of Berlin, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Munich, Hamburg, Leipzig and Stuttgart. Tail light was, therefore, to Frankfurt-on-Main, with an increase of six percent compared to 2017. The Figures are derived from databases of local courts and town halls. A Church resignation has to be declared at an office, not in the Church.

“The vibration has reached the people from the middle of our community,” said Thomas Sternberg, chief of the Central Committee of German Catholics, “Christ & Welt”. Every Catholic can feel it in his own circle of friends. Financial scandals and dealing with abuse cases would have led to a huge loss of confidence. “The bishops should sugarcoat anything.”

+++ 12:14 PM: Ten trucks loaded with men, women, and children left last IS-Bastion +++

Ten trucks with some dozens of men, women and children, the last Bastion of the terrorist group have left the Islamic state in Eastern Syria. As a Reporter for the news Agency and reported by AFP, were in the load, especially men’s car, which left the village Baghus in the Euphrates valley, but also veiled women and children. The decisive Offensive on Baghus was delayed most recently because of the many civilians on the ground.

debate over Repatriation

What happens to the innocent children of the German IS-fighters?

The Syrian Democratic forces (SDF), the siege of the village on the Iraqi border for weeks, said they wanted to first get the civilians out before they launch an attack. Reports on negotiations with the terrorists about your withdrawal in a different Region of Syria confirmed the Kurdish-Arab Alliance. The jihadists only surrender or fight to the death, permanent SDF spokesman said.

+++ 12:16 p.m.: Technical issues: Southwest Airlines says hundreds of flights +++

The US Airline Southwest has due to technical problems since last week, hundreds of flights cancelled. Just yesterday 186 flights were cancelled, reported the CNN channel today, citing the flight-Tracking side of FlightAware. According to CNN, 40 aircraft would need to be serviced. The were more than twice as many as on an average day. The problems United States had led to a Domino effect on flight cancellations.

Finally legroom

Airbus is planning to cabins in the cargo space

+++ at 11:46: Vattenfall: “Unfortunate” components in case of power failure +++

The resolve of the large-scale power outage in the Berlin District of Köpenick group Vattenfall pitfalls holds according to the energy. There are several “unfortunate components come together”, not to be had in this Form, said a spokeswoman for the power grid in Berlin. “The structural Situation leaves little room for manoeuvre.” The failure to seek to fix up to 15 o’clock in the afternoon, going to “sporty”. “We do what we can.” They wanted a clean, safe, and work carefully.

Longer and surface deckendere power outages have there been in Berlin but already, Klausch. Among the features currently, the repair of the Salvador-Allende-Brücke, which is held in very cramped conditions – bridges were always a bottleneck. The excavation only offer space for four to six workers, it said. The cable went over the bridge.

George Mendonsa

The “kissing sailor” from Times Square is dead – this is the true Story behind the picture

+++ 11.24 PM: Statue of the famous “Times Square kiss” with #MeToo lettering +++

Unknown is a Statue of the famous “Times Square kiss have smeared smeared” with a #MeToo lettering. On the left leg of the female figure in the logo #MeToo emblazoned now, as the police in Sarasota, in the U.S. state of Florida announced. The Statue shows the kiss between a U.S. Sailor and a woman on New York’s Times Square during celebrations for the end of the Second world war. The police believe that the figure was smeared on Monday. The day before the sailor was in the famous photo, George Mendonsa, at the age of 95 years died.

had Captured the scene on 14. August 1945 in Times Square, photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt for Life magazine. The Statue had been loaned to Florida. The damage is estimated at around a thousand dollars. In the United States triggered a worldwide #MeToo-movement against sexual Assault.


explosive device explodes in front of the AfD office in the Saxon town of Döbeln

+++ 11.16 PM: court rejects AfD-action lawsuit against Berlin mayor Muller back +++

The Berlin constitutional court has rejected a lawsuit the AfD against the Governing mayor Michael Müller. Müller didn’t offend with a Tweet against the Constitution, said the Supreme court of the country. In the message Miller had praised in the previous year, against the AfD-oriented protest. The AfD had brought against the SPD politician, a so-called organstreit proceedings, because they saw in the Tweet a violation of their enshrined in the basic law the Right to equality of opportunity. The court was not followed.

On the 27. May 2018 had gathered around 5000 AfD-supporters in Berlin to a Demonstration. Under the Motto “AfD” made wegbassen at the same time about 25,000 people to be mobile. Müller showed to be pleased and tweeted: “tens of thousands in #Berlin today on the street, in front of the #Fire front of the Brandenburg gate and on the water. What a impressive Signal for democracy and #freedom, against racism, and people of enemy propaganda.”

+++ 10.56 am: Another member leaves the British Labour party +++

in Protest against the party Chairman, Jeremy Corbyn, an eighth member has left the British Labour party. Corbyn had introduced “this plague of anti-Semitism in our party, or approved,” said MP Joan Ryan on the radio station BBC. Anti-Semitism had infected “the party fully”. In addition, you have the impression that Corbyn “a hard Brexit makes the feed”, said Ryan.

On Monday, seven Labour members from the opposition party. They justified their step, also with the handling of Corbyns out of the EU and with the anti-Semitism allegations. The MPs Chuka Umunna, Luciana Berger, Ann Coffey, Angela Smith, Chris Leslie, Mike Gapes and Gavin Shuker form in the house of Commons is now an independent group. Umunna has announced that a new party of the political middle grounds.

+++ 10.44 am: For Grönemeyer Meeting with photographers was felt to be “how to stop” +++

musician Herbert Grönemeyer an encounter with two press photographers at the airport in Cologne/Bonn as a “stop”. “I was seriously shocked, it was like a stroke,” said the singer as a witness in a criminal trial before the regional court of Cologne. “That has accompanied me for months.” Grönemeyer denied, the two photographers beaten in the ensuing altercation, to have choked or even hurt. “I’m not a grip,” he said.

The two photographers are accused of … falsely accused. They had accused him of, to have you in the discussion on the airport hurt and attacked. These allegations you repeated the process again.

+++ 10.42 PM: the government wants to customs in the fight against undeclared work strengths +++

In the fight against undeclared work, among other things, on the construction of the customs more powers. A corresponding draft law of the Federal Ministry of Finance, the Cabinet decided today in Berlin. Even today, the officials of the financial control black control work, whether in the case of services to illegal employment or illicit work in the game. In the future, you should be able to, according to the Ministry of Finance also cases to check for which services have not yet provided, but planned. Also in the case of simulated benefits with social benefits to appearing to be, should be allowed to intervene, the customs officers in the future.

Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) had announced recently that customs should receive all the necessary resources to combat organised crime. The financial control should be increased in accordance with these earlier data from the current 7500 to more than 10,000.

+++ 10.25 am: In avalanche in Switzerland injured Frenchman died +++

in the case of the avalanche in Switzerland yesterday severely injured man has the misfortune, according to police information, did not survive. The 34-year-old Frenchman died in the hospital. Three more persons had been rescued in Crans Montana, slightly injured from the Snow. Whether it was in the case of these Victims are Locals or tourists, could not tell the police yet. The avalanche went on a busy ski slope.

food waste

“Dit is still jut!” Berlin-based supermarket sold with the intention of expired food

+++ 10.19 PM: Cabinet decides on plans for less food waste +++

The Federal government is the food to reduce waste in Germany and the economy, and consumer empowerment. This provides for a strategy of diet Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU), decided by the Cabinet today. It is provided, among other things, to work with companies, associations, countries, and science of concrete measures on a voluntary Basis – for example, in the case of delivery processes, or with their portion sizes to fit in Restaurants. Especially young people and young families should be made aware of information on the Internet more.

Klöckner emphasized the government’s goal to halve food waste at the level of retail and consumers by 2030. This should also contribute to climate protection. So far, to be thrown away, according to studies every year eleven million tons of food from private households, in the food industry, in trade and catering. On the consumer 55 kilograms in the year therefore per capita.

+++ 9.55 PM: hundreds of students flee after violence in the Indonesian troubled province of Papua +++

In the Indonesian province of Papua have fled Fighting hundreds of students before continuing. More than 400 students from the district Nduga had been brought up in the neighboring district of Jayawijaya, informed the non-governmental organisation Humanitarian workers for Nduga and a local education authority. Some of the students were traumatized. You had escaped, when uniformed soldiers came into their school.

The situation in the troubled province has escalated since a massacre of 16 construction workers by separatist rebels in early December. Since then, there have been clashes. According to unconfirmed Reports from residents and Aktivisten to put soldiers fires, civilians and their Pets, threatened and killed. Dozens of people are suspected to districts in the neighboring or in the jungle fled. 1961 Papua had unilaterally declared its independence from Indonesia. Two years later, Indonesia took over by force the control over the Region and annexed it in 1969, officially.

Penny Christmas advertising

Very touching: A single mother met the heart’s desire of her son

+++ 9.44 am: fathers are more likely to work than men without children +++

fathers between the ages of 18 and 64 years are more likely to work than men without children. 91 percent of the fathers in this age group are in work, as the Federal Statistical office in Wiesbaden reported, with reference to results of the microcensus. By contrast, only 77 percent of men without children in the same age group. The ratio of working women does not differ significantly, as soon as you have children: 71 percent of mothers between the ages of 18 and 64 years of age go to work. Women without children to go to 74 per cent in employment. Fathers work to 94 per cent in full-time. In the case of mothers, with 34 percent significantly less. Also, women without children work much less in full-time (67 percent) than men without children (88 percent).

The German Federal Statistical office, fathers and mothers who live with their children in a household counts in the microcensus. It is only fathers were taken into account, the actually work, not in parents ‘ time. In 2017, was one half of one percent of all fathers between the ages of 18 and 64 years of age in parents ‘ time.

+++ 9:15 PM: China blocks Tibet until April for foreign tourists +++

just before the 60. Anniversary of the flight of the Dalai Lama of Tibet says China, foreign tourists travel in the Region. As several Chinese travel agencies, the German press Agency, dpa, confirmed on Wednesday that foreigners shall, by 1. April is no longer allowed to enter. The necessary approval will only be granted to this date.


The Ku Klux Klan has a long history as a racist and violent right-wing radicals to the Federal government. This image of 2016 shows a participant of a neo-Nazi Demonstration in the U.S. state of Georgia.

©Erik S. Lesser DPA +++ 9:11 a.m.: U.S. newspaper publisher is calling the Ku Klux Klan to Lynch murders of “Establishment” to +++

The call of a publisher of a Local newspaper in Alabama to the Lynch murder of liberal politicians in Washington by the Ku Klux Klan has triggered in the United States indignation. After fierce criticism of his editorial Goodloe Sutton showed little obvious. Rather, the 79-Year-old put in an Interview with another newspaper in the U.S. Südstaats again.

In his on 14. February published editorials for the weekly newspaper of the small town of Linden, “The Democrat Reporter”, had written to Sutton, it was time that the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) receiving his nightly actions. “Democrats in the Republican party and Democrats” in Washington are the “true ruling class” that they forged in Secret plans, the tax in the state of Alabama to raise, he wrote.

Sutton called the KKK, in the “residential facilities” in the U.S. capital.

+++ 9:03 p.m.: young people from Afghanistan as stowaways in Trucks at Wiesbaden on-the-go +++

On the resting place Medenbach at Wiesbaden two teenagers have been taken up as stowaways in a Truck on the road. The driver of a tractor trailer stopped at a stop sounds knocking out of the trailer, police said on Wednesday. The two young people had no ID cards. You are 16 years old and come from Afghanistan.

+++ 8:57 p.m.: infant skeleton in a flower pot +++

police officers have discovered in a Rostock apartment in a flower pot, the skeleton of an infant discovered. Previously the tenant of the apartment had been shown how the Prosecutor’s office announced on Wednesday. The 27-year-old woman was suspected of a relative, to have your dead child hidden in the apartment.

According to the Prosecutor, the Baby was born “a long time ago”. The cause of death was not yet known. So far, the investigators have no evidence that the baby was intentionally killed.

+++ 8:46 PM to: number of sanctions to be concerned Hartz-IV-recipients is higher than accepted +++

The number of sanctions is concerned Hartz-IV recipients is apparently higher than previously known. “The sanctions practice of talk always small,” said Left party leader Katja Kipping in the Newspapers of the Funke media group. It accuses the Federal employment Agency and the Federal government, the number of people Affected.

New concept

SPD decides: citizen’s income instead of Hartz IV

With your allegation refers Kipping on Figures for the year 2017, you requested the Federal Agency for work. 5.52 million Hartz-IV recipients gave work to 457 000 had been at least sanctioned. This corresponds to, according to Kipping a rate of 8.3 percent. In the case of recipients under 25 years the rate was around nine percent. Almost every Eleventh would cut the benefits. The of the Federal employment Agency reported rate is, however, located at 3.1 percent.

+++ 8.54 PM: No further reports of Missing after avalanche in Crans +++

After an avalanche on a ski slope in Switzerland are at the police station until the Morning, no other people have been reported missing. As a precautionary measure, the police had searched overnight in the Snow for possible Victims, said a police spokesman. The search was then discontinued.

Four people were shortly after the accident, above the ski resort of Crans Montana yesterday afternoon, the injured freed. One Person was seriously injured. Whether it was the Victims were Locals or tourists, could not say the speaker initially.

+++ 8.50 PM: warning Strikes in Hamburg schools and universities +++

In the collective bargaining conflict in the public service of the countries are now entered in the Hamburg public employees to schools, colleges and universities in the warning strike. With the all-day walkout, the Union wants to increase pressure on the employer. To the work stoppage, management staff were called in to the school offices, School janitors, factory workers, cleaning workers, educators and social workers as well as employees of the University of Hamburg and other universities.

Of the warning strike expected to the school Board no major impact on the school, since 90 percent of the teachers are civil servants not allowed to strike. Others for educators and social pedagogues. The all-day care of the children was guaranteed, said a spokesman. The unions are calling for six percent more money, but at least 200 euros more per month. The collective community of the countries rejects the claim, but has submitted no private offer. The negotiations by the end of the month in Potsdam, Germany in the third round.

tire construction

thousands of people are without electricity day-care centres and schools will remain closed

DPA +++ 8.27 PM: power in Berlin-Köpenick. in the afternoon +++

The large-scale power outage in the Berlin District of Köpenick is to be corrected according to the energy group Vattenfall, as planned in the afternoon “We do everything to ensure that the target is 15 to comply with the” assured a spokeswoman for the company. Several workers were busy with the repair of the power lines in the Salvador-Allende-Brücke. Difficult, that in the case of a hole next to the main cable, the replacement cable is damaged. Both cables are according to the spokeswoman about a Meter away from each other under the earth. The repair work would be complicated by the fact that it was a close construction site.

construction of the bridge had yesterday afternoon to a large-scale power outage in Berlin-Köpenick. About 31,000 households and 2000 businesses were cut off from the power grid.

+++ 8.16 PM: Britain is to deprive the young IS a supporter of citizenship +++

The British government wants a young Briton who had joined the IS in Syria and now back home wants to revoke the citizenship. The family of Shamima Begum was “very disappointed” about a lawyer for the family said on Twitter. According to media reports, London, Begum has the right to the citizenship of Bangladesh, since her family is originally from there. “In order to protect this country”, the Ministry of the interior, the power, someone with a British citizenship to deny, if the Person will not be released in the statelessness, was quoted by the news Agency, Press Association the Ministry of the interior. Not wool single cases of this comment.

To Begum, there are in the UK for days a fierce debate. She had made four years ago, headlines in the British press, as they had traveled as a then 15-Year-old with two Girlfriends via Turkey to Syria, to the IS-militia. On the weekend they brought in a Kurdish prison camp in the North-East of Syria, a child into the world. They appealed to the British authorities “to show compassion” and to allow her, the child in the UK. At the same time, she showed absolutely no remorse about their decision to have the Islamic state.

+++ 8.07 PM: avalanche of Crans – search without success +++

In Switzerland, have been looking for rescuers in the night after Buried in an avalanche. More victims were found, according to the police yet. Shortly after the departure of the avalanche, rescuers had recovered four injured. One Person was in critical condition. How many people are still missing, and informed the authorities.

The avalanche had interred yesterday in the afternoon above the ski resort of Crans Montana, a shared ski slope on a length of several hundred meters under the snow masses. The weather was perfect, the avalanche warning service had assessed the risk of departure is low. Investigators are examining whether skiers away from the slopes, triggered the avalanche.

+++ 7.21 PM: Extinct giant tortoise on the Galapagos discovered +++

On the Galápagos Islands, has been discovered a living specimen of a thought extinct giant tortoise. The adult females of the subspecies Chelonoidis Phantasticus had been observed on the island of Fernandina, informed the Minister of the environment, Marcelo Mata on Twitter. The discovery was made during a by the Galápagos national Park and the US environmental organization Galapagos Conservancy organized the Expedition. The giant tortoise Chelonoidis Phantasticus was for more than a century to be extinct. It is only on the uninhabited island of Fernandina. Thought to be extinct, the once in the Galapagos Islands, home of giant apply Chelonoidis spp from the island of Santa Fé, and Chelonoidis abigdoni of the Pinta island tortoises.


One of the Galapagos giants of the subspecies Chelonoidis Nigra turtle. Their extinct relatives Chelonoidis Phantasticus was now entdekct on the Galapagos island of Fernandina.

©Bildagentur-online / Fischer Picture Alliance

The Galapagos Islands, isolated in the Pacific ocean archipelago, to accommodate the world’s largest number of endemic species – i.e. species that occur only there. A visit to the Islands and its unique animal world in the year 1835, inspired the British scientist Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Since 1979, the island group is a Unesco world heritage site.

New Cold war

In Venezuela, the people are struggling to Survive. And Trump and Putin to Power

By Jan Christoph Wiechmann +++ 6.52 PM: Pink Floyd singer Waters criticized the planned benefit concert for Venezuelans +++

Pink Floyd singer Roger Waters has been criticised by the British billionaire Richard Branson’s planned charity concert for the benefit of the Venezuelan population is in sharp focus. Branson is like a “Trick” of the United States in said Waters in a published Video. “It has nothing to do with the needs of the Venezuelan population, it has nothing to do with democracy, it has nothing to do with freedom, it has nothing to do with the help.” Branson organized on Friday in the Colombian city of Cúcuta on the border with Venezuela, a big concert with Stars such as Ex-Genesis front man Peter Gabriel and the puerto-Rican singer Luis Fonsi (“Despacito”). The income is to come from the ailing Venezuelan population. Also, they put pressure on the Venezuelan leadership is exercised, to allow supplies into the country.

“do we really Want that Venezuela is becoming a new Iraq, Syria or Libya,” asked Pink Floyd singer Waters now with a view to other US military operations. “I don’t, and the Venezuelan people.” He had friends in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas. Contrary to the US claims there is “no civil war, no Chaos, no murder, no apparent dictatorship, no mass imprisonment of the Opposition, no suppression of the press”.

+++ 4.59 PM: a power outage in Berlin-Köpenick today cares for disabilities +++

A large-scale power outage in Berlin-Köpenick will also provide significant disabilities. Schools and nurseries in the affected districts will remain the day closed, as the district authority of Treptow-informed Köpenick. The power supply is only expected to be in the afternoon restored. In case of works in Köpenick yesterday, the electricity cable had been damaged. According to the fire Department were affected by the power outage, around 30,000 households. Because the telephone network could be affected, have been called citizens, to contact in case of emergency directly to the nearest fire station or police station. The authorities were also focal points for local residents.

tire construction

thousands of people are without electricity day-care centres and schools will remain closed


The power failure triggered a large-scale operation of the fire brigade and the technisches Hilfswerk (THW). From the hospital Köpenick 23 patients were notverlegt in other institutions, such as the Berlin fire Department announced early this Morning via Twitter. The power supply in the hospital could be made with the help of the THW.

+++ 4.25 PM: Trump wants roses to be the new Vice-Minister of justice, freestyles +++

US President Donald Trump wants to make Jeffrey Rosen, the new Vice-Minister of justice, the successor to Rod Rosenstein. The White house announced. Rose is currently Deputy Minister of transport. Rosenstein had supervised the Russia-investigation by special investigator Robert Mueller. After last week, Trump suggested lawyer William Barr from the U.S. Senate, was confirmed as the new Minister of justice, had also been the retreat of the rose stone is expected in March.

Rod Rosenstein

Because of Russia-investigations against Trump Team? US Vice-Minister of justice, before the departure

last September, there had been media reports that Rosenstein 2017 – in the course of the player being kicked out of then-FBI Director James Comey suggested to have Trump to surreptitiously intercept, and a process for the early dismissal of the President. Rosenstein was rejected. The Team of Mueller addresses the question of whether there was in the case of the alleged Russian Attempt to influence the presidential election in 2016, the collusion between Moscow and Trumps choice of fight camp. For Trump, the investigations are highly uncomfortable. He castigates them regularly as a “witch-hunt”.

+++ 4.04 PM: train builds up to 800 jobs at the same time +++

rail customers must also be expected this year with numerous construction sites in the German network. In peak times, there will be 800 construction sites at the same time, announced the infrastructure management Board Ronald Pofalla. In addition to maintenance projects alone, approximately 50 would be New construction and expansion projects planned or implemented. In the rail network and the stations, the record flows sum of 10.7 billion euros, last year, there were 9.4 billion euros. The increase is, in part, by higher construction prices. The majority of the sum of the Federal.

railway with a heart

adventure of everyday life: The conductors and their most incredible railway stories

By Till Bartels

restrictions for passengers should be kept to a minimum. “We get to Drive and Build a better grip,” said Pofalla. As more builders would be used more frequently in buildings in the Auxiliary built and more work at night – so that the trains can roll again. A special attention is paid to Pofallas information on the bottle necks in the network – for example, by new switches and passing tracks. Particularly the routes between Cologne and Dortmund, Fulda and Mannheim, Würzburg and Nürnberg as well as in and around Hamburg.

+++ 3.24 PM: Nasa provides weather reports from the Mars +++

if you want to know what the weather was like on Mars, you can now online check it out. The US space Agency Nasa announced that the probe’s “InSight” will deliver daily weather reports from the red planet, which would be published on the website of the authority. The most recent data comes from Sunday, The maximum temperature was close to minus 17 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature at minus 95 degrees, the Wind blew with a maximum of around 62 miles per hour from a South-westerly direction. Don Banfield of Cornell University in Ithaca, the head of the science Department of the “InSight”, said: “This gives you the feeling to visit an alien place. Mars has known atmospheric phenomena, which differ significantly from those on earth.”

“InSight” was on the 26. November landed on Mars. The probe is a 360-kilogram robot that does not roll, but stays in one place. The total of around 650 million Euro “InSight”Mission is set to last for two years.

It should only work for 90 days : 15 years of the small robot delivered images from Mars – until a sand storm, his Mission finished Fullscreen

The Mars Rover “Opportunity” attacks with its articulated arm to a stone, in order to investigate this. The robot delivered in 2004, the first evidence that it must have water on the Red planet.

©NASA/JPL-Caltec DPA +++ 0.39 PM: Trump sub-decree signed establishing of space armed forces +++

US President Donald Trump has signed a decree on creation of own space forces – a so – called Space Force. “We need to be prepared,” said Trump in the White house. “My government has made the creation of a Space Force to a question of national security.” The plans, according to the space forces are said to exist in the future as a stand-alone sixth Arm of the US military, alongside the army, the Navy, the marine corps, air force and coast guard. A spokesman for the U.S. Department of defense announced that the Pentagon will submit in the coming week a law proposal.

Trump had repeated the Schaffung of space forces required. The US President, wants to dominate the space, and sees the US in competition with Russia and China. In fact, the space in defence and modern warfare, is already playing a major role, for example through satellite-based technology. The President’s plans for an independent Space Force, but met with many members and Pentagon representatives with skepticism. They warn of high costs and additional bureaucracy.

+++ 0.02 at: “Gorch Fock”-shipyard is facing insolvency +++

The Elsflether shipyard, the Navy sailing school ship “Gorch Fock” will be repaired, a media report says that prior to the bankruptcy. The management of wool sign up today at the court of insolvency, reported in the ARD-capital Studio after an appointment of the Board of management in the Federal Ministry of defence. Therefore, the yard has outdoor stands in the tens of millions. Several subcontractors would have received for months, no money.

The “Gorch Fock” for 2016 in the Elsflether shipyard in lower Saxony, the district of wesermarsch, and is outdated. The explosion in Costs for the refurbishment has brought the Federal defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) in distress. In December, the Navy ordered a provisional payment to stop. Up to this time 69.5 million Euro to the Ministry of defence, according to the restoration of the training ship flowed.

sailing school ship of the German Navy

scandal of rehabilitation of the Gorch Fock: The minimum goal is now “swimming ability”

The renovation of the Gorch Fock is first continued. The sail school ship of the German Navy is at least back on the water. Before a possible completion of the remediation, but reliable cost to commitments on the table.

mad / SP / DPA / AFP