the day of the decision in London: The British house of Commons come together in the evening (from 20.00 clock) on the Brexit Treaty with the EU. A majority for the Prime Minister, Theresa May, negotiated agreement is considered to be unlikely. The vote is expected to plunge the United Kingdom and the EU into a new crisis: a new start-up in Parliament, in a vote of censure against May, a chaotic exit the EU – or even a departure from Brexit.

The most important Brexit messages at a Glance:

Manfred Weber: European election without the British (15.15)Ifo Institute proposes a Swiss solution (14.52 at)Austria Chancellor EU defends tactics (12.29 PM)Merkel granted new concessions to May cancellation (10.18 PM)

The developments of the day:

+++ 16: 44: Brinkhaus: Brexit vote, there is no reason for nervousness +++

Union leader Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU), looks forward to the evening before the decision of the British house of Commons to the EU and the Prime Minister Theresa May-negotiated-Brexit Deal left. “There is also no reason to be nervous. We still have until the 29. March of time,” said brink house before a meeting of the Union group in Berlin. “We will do so first, as we have the made. The Federal government and also, of course, Parliament is also prepared for all other options.”

It was in the German interest, “is that we get a reasonable agreement,” said Brinkhaus. The group will, however, “in any case, calm down accordingly, and there is not the concept. Regardless of what comes out today.” In the Bundestag will be discussed on Thursday in the second and third reading of the German-Brexit-transition law and decided, in the case of a child Brexit.

+++ 16.15: Nahles warns of “Brexit-quake” in Europe +++

The party – and faction leader of the SPD, Andrea Nahles, has warned of dramatic consequences for the economy and jobs in the whole of Europe, if great Britain should be eliminated without agreement from the EU. “That would be an earthquake for the whole of the EU, and also for us in Germany,” she said before a meeting of the SPD Bundestag deputies. Set it to the good sense of members in their decisions. At the same time, Nahles said: “I would like to say to the British people, the British people: stay, no matter how the decision goes out to our friends.” The importance of a decision in the sense of the people, the workers would massively suffer from a chaotic Brexit.

+++ 15.42 PM: Scholz called Brexit vote a “warning signal” +++

The European Union has to be from the point of view of the German Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, political – even as a reaction to the exit of the UK. The SPD-politician said at a European political conference in the foreign office, that the Brexit vote was not an “accident”, but a “warning signal”.

In many EU-countries have anti-won-European and populist currents at the inlet. Many citizens doubted whether Europe has the answers to the Central challenges of the future. Therefore, the EU should be political. The EU have focused in the past decades, too much on the character as a common internal market. This has contributed to the fact that Brussels is perceived as a “small-scale, bureaucratic management unit”. Scholz campaigned for a better culture of debate in the EU, and more ability to Compromise. He cited the example of the successful reforms of the economic and monetary Union.

+++ 15.41 PM: a Simple majority decides on Brexit Deal +++

The simple majority of the votes cast in the British Parliament is decisive for the acceptance or rejection of the Brexit Deals. A spokesperson for the Parliament confirmed the German press Agency.

The British house of Commons has 650 members of Parliament. Seven Sinn Fein members take their seats in Protest against the British state and four Parliament speakers included. The votes of four other members, two from each side, for the correct Tally responsible, are also not counted. Thus, a secure majority, with at least 318 votes.

+++ 15.15: Manfred Weber: the British should no longer participate in European elections +++

In the case of a displacement of the Brexits the UK should be from the point of view of the CSU-Europe politician Manfred Weber more on the European elections at the end of may to participate. It was not to convey to the Europeans, “that a country that wants to leave the European Union, in the elections to the European Parliament in shaping the future of the continent for the next five years, is taking part,” said the top candidate of the European people’s party in Strasbourg.

The United Kingdom wants to on 29. In March the EU is to leave. But time is running out – especially as it is considered to be unlikely that the British house of Commons will approve the EU and the Prime Minister Theresa May-negotiated-Brexit Deal on Tuesday evening.

+++ 15.14 at: Pizzeria in London Brexit-enemies discount +++

said A Pizzeria in East London has come up with a special campaign against Brexit. Any customer who demanded from his Deputy a new Brexit Referendum, or a referendum on the Deal, Prime Minister Theresa May with Brussels, receives a 25 percent discount on any Pizza. Requirement of written proof of claim, whether as a letter or E-Mail.

The special offer is valid from Sunday to Thursday and up to 29. March, the scheduled day of the departure of Britain from the European Union. Take-away pizzas are excluded from the bargain, as the Pizzeria Apollo in the hip Hackney district announced in a short message service Twitter.

The referendum on the Brexit in June 2016, had voted 76 per cent of Hackney residents for the fate of the United Kingdom in the EU. Nationwide, 52 percent voted for an exit.

+++ 14.52 PM: Ifo Institute suggests the Swiss solution in the case of Brexit, before +++

The Ifo Institute has asked the EU, UK cooperation with Switzerland. “In the face of a hopeless situation, new approaches”, said the Ifo-external economic expert and President-elect of the Kiel Institute for the world economy, Gabriel Felbermayr, Munich.

According to the Swiss model, the British would work together through contracts to many policy fields with the EU. “A Central anchor point should be membership of the United Kingdom in the European customs Union, with a say in trade policy decisions more should. This is the way we think is feasible, and face,” said the Professor. The Model is also suitable for Turkey.

+++ 12.55 PM: Green politician Giegold: “Brexit agreement is fair” +++

The Green MEP Sven Giegold has rejected criticism of the line of the European Union the Brexit. “The current debate about more concessions to the British, will not be conducted honestly,” said the Greens top candidate for the European elections, the German press Agency. “Those who criticise the EU too much hardness in the negotiations, it must say precisely what is to be to the agreement is fair.”

+++ 12.32 PM: Deputy moves birth due to a Brexit vote +++

The British Labour party MP, Tulip Siddiq has been postponed because of the vote for the Brexit Treaty, the birth of your child. Actually, the EU-friendly politician cut on Tuesday their son by the Emperor to the world. According to British media reports, the physicians but agreed to a postponement of the procedure to two days, to next Thursday.

she wanted to take the opportunity “for a stronger relationship between the United Kingdom and Europe” to fight, quoted in the “Evening Standard” the 36-Year-old, who has her constituency in the North-West of London. Unclear from was initially the way in which they should vote: in a wheelchair in the Parliament or by the hospital. The Deputy, who already has a daughter, for a second Brexit Referendum.

+++ 12.29 PM: Austria’s Chancellor, Briefly, the EU-tactics +++

Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian defended Briefly the attitude of the European Union the Brexit has defended armed. “The EU has itself to blame in these negotiations with great Britain, nothing,” said Short in the European Parliament. The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, negotiated exit agreement was excellent.

May is fighting for Brexit agreement to a majority in the British house of Commons to decide on Tuesday evening. The consent of the Parliament is not in sight. Short said: “Even if the vote be negative, this afternoon should be in the UK and in the next few weeks and months might be difficult, then I very much hope that we will continue to succeed, the unity of the EU27.”

+++ 12.22 PM: Maas does not believe in new Brexit negotiations +++

Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas are expected in the case of a Failure of the Brexit agreement in the British Parliament on Tuesday evening, no further significant concessions from the European Union to the United Kingdom. “That the agreement can, in principle, be tied up once, I’m skeptical,” said the SPD-politician in Strasbourg.

Although would led to a rejection of the Brexit agreement in the house of Commons certainly talks. “But that entirely new solutions are placed on the table, with what has been negotiated so far, and decided to do nothing more does not have, I believe,” said Maas.

however, He stressed: “We give up the hope that there is a positive vote, because it would be a vote of reason – not only for Europe but also for Britain.”

+++ 11.51 PM: British politician calls for second Brexit vote +++

The British politician Sir Graham Watson wants to consult the people again to the Brexit. “We believe that there should be a second referendum”, – said the politician of the opposition liberal Democrats on the radio program SWR-of-date. “It should, in my opinion, but first, that somehow a majority in the lower house.” Then you should ask the British people whether they are of the same opinion, or whether the UK should exit without the agreement from the EU.

Watson sees the United Kingdom is also deeply divided. “There is a danger that, for example, Scotland has voted to remain in the EU, says: “We don’t want to have to get out of the EU, and especially not chaotic Brexit.” In Northern Ireland there is “a kind of pressure”.

+++ 10.58 PM: Brexit debate starts at 13: 00 +++

The debate in the lower house is expected to shortly before 13: 00 (CET) start. Voting is expected from 20.00 on. The deputies have the possibility of the draft resolution of the government before the actual vote to amend. How many Amendments will be allowed to vote, was initially unclear.

+++ 10.18 PM: Merkel makes it clear: no new Commitments in May +++

Chancellor Angela Merkel has representations in the British newspaper “The Sun”, you have offered the Prime Minister Theresa May for help, go through the previous Commitments of the EU. A government spokesman said in Berlin that plays the contents of a telephone conversation, Merkel’s with May of the newspaper wrong. “The Chancellor has made no representations beyond what was discussed in the European Council in December and what is laid down in the letter of Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk.”

The newspaper had reported, that May, after a commitment Merkel’s last-Minute new hope created have, however, a Brexit-the agreement by the house of Commons to bring.

+++ 8.24 PM: “the Times” predicts that long-Brexit-Chaos +++

For Brexit vote in the lower house, the London “Times”:

writes, “It is no wonder that a party seeks Alliance from behind bänklern for a way to gain control over the process (of leaving the EU). But this group is apparently unable to agree on more than that a Brexit without agreement with the EU is to be prevented. Some of them are for a second Referendum, others want a Deal, following the model of Norway or of a permanent customs Union. (…) The rejection of the proposal from Theresa May the UK embarks on uncharted territory. The Prime Minister has lost the confidence of their Cabinet, their party and the Parliament. Nevertheless, they apparently tried to drag himself with the same failed Plan. The country should prepare itself for a long-lasting Chaos.”

+++ 4.55 PM: So the Brexit-the-schedule +++

So the further schedule could look up to the UK’s exit from the European Union:

21.1. : accept Brexit-Deal, Prime Minister Theresa May a decision of the British Parliament, at the latest in three days – so on 21. January – a Plan B is required. It is unclear, however, whether the government is bound to this period of time legally.

31.1. : at the Latest seven days later, on 31. January – must leave the government about the Plan B vote. The members may change the Plan B and a closer connection to die EU to challenge, or even a second Referendum.

29.3. : On this day, at 23 o’clock UK time, the United Kingdom emerges from the community – if the Brexit will not be postponed at the request of the United Kingdom.

+++ 4.49 PM: May promotes your Brexit Deal +++

The British Prime Minister Theresa May is holding, despite the expected defeat in Parliament on Tuesday evening, to their Brexit Deal. Only the approval of the withdrawal agreement could exit a chaotic EU-on 29. March or a departure from the Brexit prevent, warned May on Monday during an appearance in the lower house. “Give this Deal a second Chance,” shouted Jan to the members.

If the appeal to the Prime Minister on fertile ground, however, is questionable. Despite new assurances from Brussels, May be allowed hardly any chances to get a majority in favour of their Deal. Too large, the resistance to it.

+++ 3.27 PM: the house of lords warns of Brexit-Deal +++

just before the Brexit vote in the British house of Commons Prime Minister Theresa May has received a further shock. In the majority of EU-friendly upper house (House of Lords) agreed to a three-day debate late on Monday night, a majority of an application in which it is warned that may’s agreement with the EU will damage the prosperity, internal security and the global influence of the Kingdom. In addition, the house of lords warned of the dangers of a Brexits without agreement. For the corresponding application 321 members, 152 voted against it.

sources: The Sun, Evening Standard,

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