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Why Cristiano Ronaldo Wants To Leave Manchester United

Shocking news came out in the sports world this Saturday that claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo has told Manchester United that he wishes to leave the team this summer. Ronaldo made an emotional return to the team last summer. This post takes a look at the current situation and will give you an insight into the recent news of Ronaldo wanting to leave Manchester United.


Why Does Ronaldo Wishes To Leave?

Ronaldo has a strong emotional tie to the team. This is his second spell at the club. The player played with the team between 2003 and 2009. He also won the Premier League three times and the Champion League once.

If he stays this season, then this will be Ronaldo’s senior playing career where his team will not be featuring in the Champions League. United also did not compete for any kind of trophies last season. At 37, Ronaldo knows that he only has a few seasons left at the top level. The player is desperate to win more honors before he gets retired.

United Wants To Sell Him

Ronaldo is still under contract with the team for another season. New manager Erik ten Hag has also spoken recently about working with Ronaldo. He said that he is “happy and excited” about the Dutchman’s appointment.

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“I know (Ten Hag) did a fantastic job for Ajax and that he’s an experienced coach but we need to give him time and things need to change the way he wants,” Ronaldo shared in a recent interview.

Ronaldo Still Appealing To The Other Clubs

Ronaldo might be slightly less of a runner as compared to the earlier time. During the prime of his career, he has always been the United’s top scorer. At the age of 37, he was the third top scorer in the Premier League. There has not been a dip in his goal scoring in the recent seasons. Ronaldo is also injury-free and has sustained his health to a remarkable degree. In the last two seasons, he has only missed 19 days due to his physical injuries.

Who Is Interested In Scouting Him?

Chelsea co-owner Todd Boehly met with Ronaldo’s agent, last month. The idea of Ronaldo joining Chelsea has been one of the topics that are under discussion. It is unclear whether Chelsea will want to pursue the opportunity. The opportunity to sign Ronaldo is also under discussion with the German champions Bayern Munich, Italian side Napoli are also credited and have shown interest in Ronaldo.

Would Ronaldo’s Exit Be A Problem For United?

The Manchester United correspondent Laurie Whitwell wrote:

“New manager Erik ten Hag has been preparing for Ronaldo’s presence in his team and emphasized the point at his unveiling. So Ronaldo’s desire to leave creates turbulence, especially as United are yet to secure any of their prime transfer targets. “Attacking additions are further down the list, meaning Ten Hag would have to get creative if needing to fill a gap at center-forward.”

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