The Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo has been cited in the course of the investigation of a rape allegation before a U.S. court. The 34-Year-old received a similar subpoena as to documents submitted to his lawyers on Friday at a court in Las Vegas.

The former Model Kathryn Mayorga is accused of the Star of Italian club Juventus, to have you in the year of 2009 in a Hotel in Las Vegas raped. The 34-Year-old rejects the allegations.

subpoena was first served, and not the

American media are, according to Mayorgas lawyers had great difficulty in Ronaldo’s personal summons. After the receipt of the documents the process can take its course. The police in Las Vegas had resumed the investigation in the case last autumn.

“the case of Mayorga”

Cristiano Ronaldo responds to allegations of rape


Mayorga had already refunded the 2009 display and was medically examined. The investigation ran at that time into the Void. According to the police, they were not pursued further, because Mayorga want to this time do not have the name of the accused.

In the past year, Mayorga admitted then, in the Wake of a financial agreement legal steps apart and to have a silent agreement. However, she was too traumatized to participate in the arbitration process to participate in. At the end of September last year, they filed a civil lawsuit, prompting new investigations were initiated. Ronaldo is one of the biggest football stars in the world. The Portuguese was awarded five Times with the Ballon d’or as the best player in the world.

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