The Venezuelan attorney General has requested on Tuesday to leave the country barrier against the self-proclaimed interim President Juan Guaidó. In addition, Tarek William Saab demanded before the Supreme court that the accounts Guaidós be frozen.

Guaidó appeared unimpressed. The action of the attorney General’s number of Years of a in the threats against him and the Parliament, which is dominated by the Opposition, said the 35-year -.

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power struggle in Caracas

Juan Guaidó: Who is the man who usurps the Power in Venezuela, and who supports him?

DPA power struggle in Venezuela

In Venezuela, a power raging battle between the head of state, Nicolás Maduro, and Guaidó, had on Wednesday declared the interim President. The United States and several other countries recognized Guaidó. Russia and China support continue to Maduro.

The President can rely so far on the support of the army and the judiciary. Attorney General Saab is a trailer Maduros, and the Supreme court supported the government of the left nationalists.

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