The suspicion weighs heavy: Is been killed, a young woman, because a COP with alcohol in blood was racing in your car? And the authorities in Berlin have tried after the accident a year ago, to cover up in the investigation, the theme of drunkenness?

The lawyer of the parents of the 21-year-old victim’s presumed to be just that – he speaks of a “horrible legal scandal”. Also from the political side, the Calls for education. The Berlin public Prosecutor’s office sees so far, however, no evidence of a cover-up attempt.

Fabien M. just wanted to Parking, as you rammed

review: On 29. January 2018 parks, a young woman of her car in the vicinity of the Alexander square. A police car, with blue lights in use, rams her car at high speed. The 21-Year-old dies at the scene.

For their parents of the accident feels today like a double tragedy. You have lost your daughter and the suspicion that a public servant should get away with it as a possible cause of the accident gently. As long as the investigation solely because of negligent killing ran. The suspicion of drinking and driving the Prosecutor’s office only recently, according to – according to anonymous Notes.

A question today is, why the COP had to right after the accident, no blood sample. His colleagues noticed that he might have been drunk? A blood sampling at the time, only the Charité hospital in Berlin, as the police officer was taken to after the Crash.

astonishment at the Charité

The Medical Director of the Charité, Ulrich Frei, is surprised that more than a year, no investigator for the patient’s file interested. It amazed the doctors at the time that the police officers already at the scene of the accident, the blood alcohol level measured had been, he told the Berliner “Tagesspiegel”.

such A Test was not mandatory, said a spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s office. The Charité is also the duty of confidentiality was not obliged their findings to the investigating authorities to inform:. Physicians would not have hampered the investigation. On The Contrary. According to the “Bild”-Zeitung, a researcher at the Charité is to thank for that were the results of the blood tests are known. You should have given clues to the victims ‘ lawyer.

Until then, the prosecution should have seized the patient’s file. The result of the then blood alcohol tests at the Charité is around one per thousand. A blood alcohol concentration of 1.1 parts per thousand absolute unfitness to drive is, according to ADAC. To sit at the wheel, is a criminal Offence.

Many questions are still unanswered

The investigation now under involuntary manslaughter, and dangerous driving through drink. The officials, according to the police currently in the service. If he was suspended and when – all this remained, so far, in spite of many Requests open.

Also, Berlin’s politicians now want to know more about the case. “It may not be the impression, against police officers as suspects would remiss determined and it is only after the anonymous Notes, the necessary steps will be initiated,” writes the internal expert of the Greens in the house of representatives, Benedikt Lux, in his Blog. His group would Board in the next indoor meeting, on 18. February questions.

Lux is a long list. Some of the questions are: when was the first hearing of the driver? He was already in front of the case by the use of alcohol in service striking? The allegations would have to all Authorities, the absolute transparency, said the Berlin CDU parliamentary leader Burkard Dregger on Saturday to the radio station rbb. “This can be clarified, what is wrong.”

How long will it take the “supplementary investigation” after the alcohol is suspected, according to the spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s office is still open. “We are committed to the case as quickly as possible.”

tis /Jutta Schütz and Ulrike von Leszczynski / DPA