A U.S. court in Alaska has stopped Donald trump’s attempt, first of all, huge areas in the Arctic and in the Atlantic ocean for the exploitation of mineral resources such as Oil and Gas.

The several U.S. media, including the “Washington Post” and “the New York Times reported”. US President, Trump had at 18. In March, a corresponding decree. Thus, about 52 million acres should be protected area for drilling is released.

Trump had lifted one of his predecessors, Barack Obama has adopted lock. Previously a judge had blocked in the States of Colorado and Wyoming plans are Trumps, great areas for Drilling for oil release, such as the Washington Post reported on Saturday.

Trump still has the possibility, the processing of the to pass through, and then find in the officially independent but politically appointed Supreme Court, the highest court to have his Chance. In the Supreme Court, Trump has been established with the appointment of judge Neil from gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, a conservative majority.