A German retiree and an elderly woman from the Netherlands had been liberated in the South of Spain from a private nursing home, the urgent according to police, a “horror house”. There are six people had been arrested under the suspicion to have older people a total of more than 1.8 million euros, cheated, reported the police unit of the Guardia Civil.

In the house are locked up for pensioners – predominantly foreign – among other things, drugged, abused, and needlessly, only by gastric tube feeds. One of the arrested is a German citizen.

The investigations were sparked by a note from the German authorities, who had discovered a 101-year-old German in Spain as missing. The Spanish police had brought the Elderly woman to its own information, in the course of the investigation from the “horror house”, in a nursing home and repeatedly interviewed.

Among the Victims: 101-year-old German

The officials told Maria that they had been persuaded by the fraudster gang, of the island of Tenerife, in the house in Chiclana move. There was then locked up for months in handcuffs. She’s also been to more than 160,000 euros, which she had in the account, as well as to the known value of a on Tenerife sold house cheated.

a Few hours before the arrest of the Suspects, would these Maria b. but with the help of an allegedly forged a notary’s completely unexpected from the nursing home brought. The woman had been died the evidence in the car of the Suspect, and at whose request immediately cremated, so that the authorities can’t perform an autopsy, said a spokesman for the Guardia Civil. We do not exclude that the German had been murdered. Four other seniors who had entrusted in the past four years, the care of the Suspect, had also died.

The two now-liberated pensioners had been in “a terrible state” found. They had been brought up in a different nursing home, where her condition had now improved considerably. Of the six arrested as well as allegedly from nine other suspects people existing bonds will, among other things, fraud against private individuals, abuse, falsification of documents, betrayal of the German social insurance and money laundering to the load placed, informed the Guardia Civil. The gang I want to build with the loot at the Playa del Plamar in Cadiz a Hotel.

lber / dpa