A deer killed on Wednesday morning in the Australian of Victoria, its owner and his wife badly hurt. The man, 47, had gone into the enclosure to feed the deer, according to police. His wife and son heard the noise and rushed to help. The wife of the slain man went into the enclosure to help her husband and was also attacked. As the rescue entered forces, had been killed the deer, finally, the police explained. The man died in a BBC report, on the spot. The woman was seriously brought the injured to a hospital in Melbourne. Her condition was still critical.

deer killed so far, nobody

revealed A recent study of all the deaths caused in Australia in the years 2000 to 2013, by animals, that deer had been killed so far nobody. Deer were in the 19th century. Brought to century, in particular, for the purposes of Hunting to Australia. State authorities have recently warned that the number of wild animals has risen to over a Million. A government report from last year notes that collisions on the roads often, wild animals are responsible.

The family held the deer for six years

Local media report that the deer have already lived for six years in an enclosure in the family. The animal was a cross between red deer and moose. Deer tended to be more aggressive than in the wild, live wild animals.

source: BBC