Franz’s “on Tuesday and into the night on Wednesday After storm”, especially in the North-West a taste of its power, it will capture Germany in the course of the day, before it pulls up to the evening in the direction of Denmark. The Wednesday itself remains largely to be variable to heavily overcast. It is to be a chance of showers repeatedly come fixed to thunderstorms. A calming of the weather situation is not according to the German weather service (DWD) in sight. So Gebhard “in front of the door, the brings once again to the strong to stormy Wind in the North sea and in the mountain region as early as Thursday”.

but First, Franz makes “” for very uncomfortable weather. So far stormy gusts of up to 75 kilometers per hour from the southwest to West are to be expected until the evening country. Still windy it is in the North-West, where the experts expect wind gusts of 85 kilometres per hour. In proximity to wind gusts of up to 100 kilometres an hour were in the entire Federal territory is possible, writes the DWD. Record the meteorologists expected again on the Brocken, the Gale-force winds with a speed of up to 140 kilometres an hour across to sweep up.

the prediction is that this Wednesday above 600 to 800 meters of new snow and slippery roads. In the North and West, and later also in the middle of Germany – it may flash and thunder, this single hurricane are excluded-like gusts, as the DWD said. The maximum temperatures are, therefore, between six and eleven degrees. Also for Thursday, the weather service predicted for higher altitudes strong Winds.


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DPA railway expects in a number of States with restrictions in the transport

The effects of the Storm are likely to affect the rail transport in some States. The German railway expects in Northern Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein, with possible limitations. the company asked customers to be informed before the start of the tour or via the DB Navigator App on failures or delays.

In the night of Thursday the Wind country far, especially in the North-East must, however, be expected with stormy gusts, in the mountains, with squalls and in exposed areas with gusts of over 100 kilometres an hour, writes the DWD.

storm “Franz”: Live Tracker shows where storms are currently shows how strong

The below interactive map, where there is a storm especially. In addition, you can use the timeline in the graphic below, the prediction for a later time. Press the “Play”Button at the bottom left to see the forecast in time-lapse. At the top right of the displayed level can be changed, for example from rain to temperature or Wind. A click into the map shows the value for the selected point.

the Service of “ is Provided”. The creators use for their presentations, and before the model say from the “European centre for medium-range weather forecasts”. For more current warnings for severe weather location, the DWD.

sources: German weather service / Deutsche Bahn