“Corpus Christi” is the Latin Name for the feast of the Catholic Church, which we call the feast of corpus Christi. The German name derives from the middle high German: “vrône lîcham” – which means “the body of Christ”. In the Liturgy the Feast of the “solemnity of the body and blood of Christ is called”. In some regions it is also called “Prangertag” or “Bluttag”.

the feast of corpus Christi is celebrated always on Thursday after the Trinity, on the 60. The day after Easter. The day falls at the earliest on the 21. May and at the latest on the 24. June. This year it is 20. June. But what is it with the holiday, huh? And why some provinces celebrate the feast of corpus Christi, and others not?

Jesus Christ, the Eucharist and the sacrifice of the Cross


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The feast of corpus Christi honors the Ritual of the Lord’s supper, Eucharist called. The Holy sacrament is understood by religion as a repetition of the last supper of Jesus Christ, or as bloodless visualization of the sacrifice of the Cross.

Since the introduction of the Eucharist by Jesus Christ himself at the last supper on Maundy Thursday (the eve of his crucifixion) falls on the days of mourning, in Holy week, was laid on the feast of corpus Christi on the Thursday of the second week after Pentecost. In countries where corpus Christi is not a public holiday, can be celebrated the feast on the following Sunday.

In these länder, the feast of corpus Christi is a holiday

At the Holy mass on feast includes the feast of corpus Christi in the rule, a procession of the faithful will accompany the priest or deacon-supported host (the sacrament used in bread) in a procession of prayer and singing through the streets. Corpus Christi fall of 2019 on Thursday, the 20. June. In the following list you can check which States have the feast of corpus Christi integrated as a legal holiday:

Bavaria, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Baden-württemberg, Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate Saxony*Thuringia *

* In Thuringia and Saxony is not recognized corpus Christi in some municipalities as a public holiday, in others.