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New immigrants trek to U.S. on-the-go (19.58 PM)body of the fourth German hikers found in Austria (16.37 hours), and the US military: American soldiers in attack in Northern Syria opinion: Magnitz killed (16: 04)’ injuries tend to fall due (15.45)RAID against alleged Ku-Klux-Klan-members (14.45)

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+++ 19.58 PM: hundreds of migrants cross the border to Guatemala in the direction of the USA +++

hundreds of migrants from Honduras have crossed your intended path in the direction of the United States, the border to Guatemala. The entry of 700 people was conducted with and without the necessary papers, informed the government of Honduras on Wednesday on Twitter. She warned against the risks of illegal Migration. A so-called migrants-caravan with several Hundred participants had to leave on Tuesday morning (local time) the Honduran city of San Pedro Sula. According to local and US media, the amount increased even up to 2000 people. Also in El Salvador had been a group of around 100 people from San Salvador on the way, reported by their local media. The migrants want to get through Guatemala and Mexico to the United States.

+++ 19.21 PM: Multiple investigation for alleged spying for Iran +++

The Federal Prosecutor is currently conducting several investigations in which it is suspected of spying for Iranian intelligence. This is clear from the response of the Federal government to a Minor Interpellation of the left party in the Bundestag, the German press Agency. Previously had “reported” about it. A method relates to the Iranian diplomats Assadollah A., is suspected to have a bomb in France. He was extradited last October from Germany to Belgium.

+++ 19.07 PM: Nearly 20 people died in the collapse of a gold mine in Mali +++

The collapse of a gold mine in the South of Mali at least 19 people have been killed. Six other people were injured in the collapse in the circle of Kolondiéba, in the province of Sikasso, as a civil servant in the affected place Farako said on Wednesday. The cause of the accident from the night of Tuesday, was still unclear. In the South of Mali, there are rich gold deposits. In spite of the raw materials of the African state is part of the West, however, a UN Index showed that of the ten poorest countries in the world.

+++ 18.34 PM: Facebook promises to be more transparent political advertising for the EU-election +++

Facebook wants to make the European elections more transparency on its platform for political advertising in the EU. The already applicable in the USA Show rules are to be made sufficiently in advance of the vote in the may be introduced, such as the Online network announced on Wednesday. This includes, so far, among other things, that anyone who wants to advertise with political content, must indicate his identity and his location. In addition, the Displays should be stored in a publicly accessible database for up to seven years.

+++ 18.18 PM: thousands on the escape after Fighting in North-Eastern Nigeria +++

After new Fighting between the security forces and the Islamist terror militia Boko Haram-East Nigeria are in the North-helpers, according to thousands of people on the run. The residents of the partially destroyed village of Rann in Borno state had fled across the border to nearby Cameroon, said the aid organization Doctors without borders (MSF) on Wednesday. Alone on Tuesday arrived in the town of Bodo, approximately 8000 people. “We are preparing to support in the next few days, 15, 000 people with food, water and medical aid,” said MSF Director for Nigeria, Hugues Robert.

+++ 17.47 PM: Dead in fierce Fighting in the Libyan capital, Tripoli +++

When Fighting rival militias in the Libyan capital of Tripoli at least two people were killed. 17 more were injured, said a spokesman for the Libyan Ministry of health. The clashes were the most violent since the UN had mediated more than four months of a ceasefire in the North African country.

came To the Fighting between a militia that is allied with the internationally recognized government in Tripoli, and a rival armed group. The UN Mission in Libya condemned the clashes sharply and warned that the negotiated to break the ceasefire.

+++ 17.09 PM: the First body of missing skiers in Norway +++

found Two weeks after an avalanche in Northern Norway, the corpse of one of several missing skiers have been found. The search for the three other Victims will be continued in our professional guide will, said Director of operations John-Kåre Gran home on Wednesday, as the Norwegian broadcaster NRK reported. Whether it was found at the time of the Person concerned, three Finns, or the Swedish one, was unclear.

The four skiers were on 2. January on the way to the 1442-Meter-high summit of the Blåbærfjellets and later reported as missing has been been. At the time, an avalanche came off. The police said two days later, the Swede and the Finns were presumed dead. It is extremely unlikely, for two days buried to survive under a snow avalanche. The use of force worked but still further to find the Missing.

+++ 16.37 PM: body of the fourth German hikers in Austria +++

found Four days after an avalanche in the Austrian Lech the body of the fourth previously missing German Skiwanderers has been found. In the Wake of a large-scale search operation of the 28 had been discovered-Year-old dead in a depth of 2.50 meters, informed the landespolizeidirektion Vorarlberg. The bodies of the other three men had already been recovered shortly after the accident from Saturday.

+++ 16.29 PM: youth’s book author and Translator Mirjam Pressler is dead +++

The award-winning children’s books well-known writer and Translator Mirjam Pressler is dead. She died at the age of 78 after a long illness, informed the Beltz-Verlag, Weinheim. Pressler received three times for the German youth literature prize. She was also a well-known Translator of, among others, the works of Israeli author Amos Oz.

on 18. June 1940 in Darmstadt-born Pressler grew up with a foster family in a children’s home. She wrote children’s books such as “When the luck comes, you have to put him in a chair” or “November cats”. In their texts, they continued, in particular with the child in difficult situations and the Holocaust apartnander.

+++ 16.11 PM: report: 20-year-old data thief may, however, not a single perpetrator +++

In the case of extensive data theft investigators to doubt, apparently, whether or not the default parameters are already 20-Year-old is really a single offender. The young man had not been able to show the investigators how he captured the data of his victims, reported the ARD-Magazin “contrasts” and the RBB-info radio. Accordingly, officials of the Federal criminal police office had set him before a Computer and asked him to explain how he had acted. It was clear that he had, for example, the right knowledge, to bypass the so-called Two-factor authentication. This vulnerability, however, the offender should be exploited to hack numerous Accounts.

+++ 16.06 PM: court sees low debt-to-seven Loveparade-the accused +++

In the Loveparade-the process, the court has proposed that the seven defendants because of low debt-to-one setting without support. This applies to the six city employees who had been in the run-up to the planning involved, said lawyer Julius Reiter after the so-called law of conversation. Also for an employee of the organizer, Lopavent, the Duisburg regional court have seen only a small debt. He should have a representative role.

the other three defendants Lopavent employees of the court have seen because of their involvement in the organisational processes on the day of the event, a “medium-sized” is to blame. Here it is proposed a setting against the pad, said one defender. The Duisburg regional court considers a setting of the process to the love parade disaster, with 21 dead and 652 injured.

+++ 16.04 PM: U.S. military: American soldiers in attack in Northern Syria killed +++

In an attack on the Kurdish-controlled city of Manbij in Northern Syria, US soldiers have been killed. The US-led international coalition, wrote on Twitter, in the Explosion, members of the US-military killed. A number was not called. According to the Syrian Observatory for human rights killed four U.S. soldiers, two of them in the hospital. The terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) had the Tat on his pipe Amak language and Detroit and an attack by a suicide bomber spoke.

+++ 15.53 PM: the protection of the Constitution AfD-examination started already under Maaßen +++

The Federal government has objected to the allegation that the former the protection of the Constitution President Hans-Georg Maaßen, had to go, in order to allow a Review of the AfD. The decision to declare the AfD to the test case, had been prepared over a period of months, said a spokeswoman for the interior Ministry in Berlin. The investigation was initiated already been Maaßens term. “For the first time in January of 2018, the request to the Constitution protection offices, to provide insights.” Only last November, Maaßen had been in temporary retirement.


AfD “test case”

“is to be expected as Long as the AfD is a choice, so that you will be chosen”


the AfD group’s boss, Alice ryegrass had established a connection between Maaßens of departure and the examination of their party. According to her, the former head of the constitutional protection “out of the way had to, to be able to a “test case AfD” construct”. Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU), however, underlined that this was a technical and not a political decision.

+++ 15.50: court cancels deportation ban for Sami A. +++

The administrative court of Gelsenkirchen has lifted the prohibition on Deportation for the alleged Islamist threat to Sami. The court confirmed after the hearing of his last November, fast-tracked decision and referred to the diplomatic representation of Tunisia is that Sami threatened a. no torture or inhuman treatment.

Sami A. was on 13. July unlawful to Tunisia have been flown. The administrative court had prohibited the deportation the day before, because it looked to be a torture risk for Tunisian. The decision was sent to the competent authorities, however, only when Sami was sitting already in the plane to Tunis. The court ordered that the Tunisians had to be brought back to Germany. But it didn’t happen.

+++ 15.45: report: Magnitz’ injuries due to fall +++

The severe head injuries of the Bremen AfD-politician Frank Magnitz are due according to a report, more a fall than blows. The wound on the forehead might be caused by blows with a sharp object, said the spokesman of the Bremen public Prosecutor’s office, Frank Passade,. The location of the wound was, but rather for a fall. The same is true for the surface skin abrasions.