Corona virus kills 260 in China with 45 more deaths

Corona virus kills 260 in China
Corona virus kills 260 in China

The death toll from the Coronavirus in China has risen to 260, with 45 more deaths.

According to the World News Agency, despite all the precautionary measures and headaches in China, the Coronavirus has not been controlled, the number of virus-infected patients is increasing daily and so far 11,000 people have the total number of casualties is reported to have reached 260 after 45 more people were killed.

Almost all of the deaths from the Coronavirus have occurred in the province of Hubei, which originated in Wuhan, the capital, and many countries are now subject to the mysterious virus. The World Health Organization has also declared the condition caused by the virus to be an international health emergency. The US has called back its citizens and several countries have issued alerts at their airports.

India has also recalled 324 of its citizens from China, most of the students, but all of them have been kept in an isolated location on the outskirts of New Delhi and before all medical tests and specialist doctors are examined. No one will be allowed to meet. Germany has also sent military aircraft for the return of its citizens, while Australia is also seeking to repatriate its citizens.

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