The EPP group MEP Axel Voss, one of the fathers of the planned EU copyright reform, complained of an unprecedented campaign against.

“aims to discredit my Person,” said Voss of the “picture on Sunday”. In the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung” (FAS), he spoke of an enormous brutalization of political culture: “the place of the debate on copyright is the attempt kicked me in the protection of anonymity as a Person, to attack, to discredit, and with threats of Violence to politically intimidate.”

Voss, the controversial Reform of the EU-copyright law for the European Parliament the lead. Since then, he sees massive attacks exposed to. According to information he received since the summer of 2018 death threats against himself and his family. Last week was published on the Internet in a bomb threat against the Bonn office of the CDU-politician. Voss turned on the police.

“I’m a little Worried about how I can ride a horse under these circumstances, the election campaign for the European elections,” he said of FAS. He’ll make up with a passion for politics, a question last time but, “whether it is still worth”.

On Tuesday, the Europe wants to decide in Parliament on the Reform of outdated copyright laws should be adapted to the Internet age. The critics are particularly against it, that party should check out platforms like YouTube in the future, already in the Upload, whether the contents contain copyrighted Material. This is according to their opinion not just via automated Filter, where the danger was, that a lot more than necessary will be sorted out.