the Bigger the heap could hardly be, in the the Lake County Sheriff’s Office in the U.S. state of Florida on Friday with a Tweet on the Internet. On the official Twitter Account @LCSOAlerts the Cops were proud of their new service dog, a ten-week-old Belgian Bloodhound,. On the side of Master Deputy Meintzschel of the quadruped is to go in the future, on the hunt for criminals. And this Deputy had thought up for his new animal colleagues a very special name. Namely, the of his pet. Only the man with the least German sounding surname in history of the world seems to have a small gap in our knowledge. Otherwise it would come hardly to the idea of the dog as a “Rommel”.

Followers to protest: “Shame on you!”

Rommel will soon begin a grueling training, it says in the Post. After that, he should help in his area of operation to find missing persons, fleeing to the end of criminals, and sniff out the evidence. In the case of most of the nearly 2500 followers, of the LCSO, the choice of name was not at all good. “My father fought in the Second world war in North Africa against Rommel and his troops. Shame on you,” replied Userin Barbara Scott angrily. Some other asked sarcastically whether Himmler and Goebbels had already been to other service dogs will be awarded.

rowed Quickly back: Rommel is now called Scout

Far more than 200, mostly disbelieving and derisive comments appeared within a short time under the Post. In the evening (local time), just a few hours after Rommel was presented, rowed the Cops. “Our new Bloodhound was named after a pet from the Childhood of the Deputies, but he now knows that this Name is also associated with a Nazi war criminal,” reads the Tweet. The Name of General field Marshal Erwin Rommel does not fall. Instead, the Bloodhound of Deputy Meintzschel listen now to the harmless name of “Scout”. The Hashtag #nazi that had been provided to the Post first, forward, extinguished the person in charge of the Accounts, a report by the newspaper “the Insider” , shortly after the release.

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