The most important messages at a Glance gondola from falls – nearly 200 people with helicopters evacuated (10.21 p.m.), dozens of migrants to the border to overcome the fence to the Spanish exclave of Melilla (04.04 PM)AfD-Chef Meuthen criticized the observation of the Identitarian movement (03.04 PM)”El Chapo” is the sentence in high security prison (02.12 PM)at Least 17 people died due to adulterated liquor in Costa Rica (01.07 PM)

the news of The day:

+++ 10.21 PM: Gondola from falls – nearly 200 people with helicopters evacuated +++

Due to a technical defect of the so-called Cabrio cable car at Stanserhorn in Switzerland are to be flown on Friday evening almost 200 people by helicopter into the valley. To 18.21 at the monitoring system of the railway, and an open upper deck has triggered an Emergency stop, notified by the operator. The reason was a defective bearing in the hill station.

The 27 passengers were in the two open cabins, were driven with a back-up system to the target stations. Guests were still in the 1900-metre-high peak in Central Switzerland, were picked up by helicopters. It had been between 150 and 200 people, said Stanserhorn-Bahn-Director Jürg Balsiger, on request, the Swiss news Agency SDA. A danger for the persons Concerned, have never existed at any point in time, it said.

+++ 10.17 PM: Macron for Romanian with this as the Head of the EU office of the public Prosecutor +++

France’s President Emmanuel Macron, the candidacy of the Romanian Laura supports with this for the office of the chief Prosecutor of the planned European public Prosecutor’s office. The informed Macron his Romanian counterpart Klaus Iohannis on the phone said the office of the President in Bucharest on Friday evening. Macron wants to pull the candidacy of the Frenchman, Jean-Francois Bohnert for this Post, it was more from the President’s office.


according to Emmanuel Macron, to Laura with this Head of the EU office of the public Prosecutor

©Vadim Ghirda / AP REUTERS

The new EU public Prosecutor’s office should operate from 2020, and especially offences in connection with the use of EU funds to track. For the chief Prosecutor’s Post had been advertised in addition to with this Bohnert the German Andrés knight. The EU Parliament voted in February of this year, for with this, and this decision was Recently confirmed. Finally, the occupation of this post, but only after negotiations between the EU Parliament and the European Council. France and other EU States had supported so far Bohnert.

with this in Romania as a vigorous corruption hunter a name. From 2006 to 2013, she was attorney General and then Head of the anti-corruption unit of the Prosecutor of the DNA. From this Position, the 46-Year – old was dismissed in the summer of 2018, under pressure from the social-liberal government, to accuse critics of supporting corruption suspect politicians.

+++ 09.46 PM: elections in the insecure tribal areas of Pakistan started +++

Under the protection of 35,000 soldiers and paramilitaries took place on Saturday in Pakistan for the first time, regional elections in the insecure Fata-tribal areas. With an amendment to the Constitution in the previous year, special territories were incorporated at the Afghan border in the neighbouring province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. By the area of reform almost three million voters choose for the first time, delegates in the Provincial government of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

Obsolete railway network

Serious train collision in Pakistan – several Dead

285 candidates to apply for the 16 seats in the provincial Parliament. Many of the seven Fata areas had houses long years, fighters from Al-Qaeda, Pakistani and Afghan Taliban. Until last year, there were in the tribe of legal and political special areas of solutions, which stemmed partly from the time of British colonial rule and, for example, that guilt by Association is provided. The constitutional amendment provided for legal, administrative and political reforms enabled the election for the regional Parliament. The political vacuum in the territories was seen as a reason why militant groups have been able to find in the Region a safe haven.

+++ 08.53 am: controversy at the wedding ceremony in lower Saxony, police calls to the Plan +++

A dispute at a wedding ceremony in lower Saxony, the police on the Plan. The officials arrived in the night to Saturday in the municipality of Cremlingen in Wolfenbüttel, after a man and his partner had given a slap in the face. When the police wanted to record the event, have struck the 47-Year-old “suddenly an innocent man”.

The officers took the attacker into custody, what had however, the of the battered woman. You’ve done an “unexpected resistance” and tries to prevent the arrest of the man, police said. The officials picked up then reinforcement and took the Couple. It came to the drunk tank again.

+++ 08.03 PM: 50 new leads in search for Ex-RAF-terrorist +++

Oh, a new Bolo, according to three former members of the Red army faction (RAF) have so far received around 50 new clues. The lower Saxony state office of criminal investigation (LKA) said in Hanover to call without more Details. At the beginning of June, the authority had published new, however, more than 30-year-old photos of Daniela Klette. “To be able to the current investigation, we make the determination tactical reasons, no further information,” said a police spokesman on request.