The users of Internet platforms are to be preserved from the controversial Filters when you Upload a video. However, the achievement of this objective, there is a dispute.

From the CDU of the thrust came, to prevent the use of the controversial upload filter through the national implementation of the European copyright reform. It provides for the Secretary – General, Paul Ziemiak-initiated unification of the Right-and digital politicians of the party, as the German press Agency learned.

The SPD called for, as well as the Greens and the FDP, a European solution. In Bremen, hundreds of people went on Sunday out of fear of massive restrictions on the upload filters to the road.

“alone to upload filters, such as by the Union now proposed to make sense,” said SPD General Secretary, Lars Klingbeil on Saturday in Berlin. For a European solution, it was not yet too late, said SPD parliamentary group Deputy Sören Bartol Deutsche Presse-Agentur. “If the CDU says it Seriously, then their representatives in the European Parliament under article 13 of the votes that allows you to Upload Filter.”

The controversial article 13, to take on platforms like Youtube, copyright more. About uploaded Videos to be reviewed. This is the view of the critics only Upload-Filter, the check of the Upload, whether images, Videos or music are protected by copyright. Critics warn of censorship.

The CDU wants to now that the platforms for protected works to acquire, instead, the rule licenses. Below a time limit of Uploads from license fees should be free. Alternatively, the right holder can waive his rights or the deletion request. In addition, a legally compulsory blanket license applies. In order for any copyright to have the opportunity to receive for his work remuneration.

The new Chairman of the Junge Union (JU), Tilman Kuban, told the German press Agency, the request solution is a European solution, but the compromise proposal is to be welcomed, it before it’ll give in the end no solution.

A spokeswoman for the justice Ministry said only: “This is a proposal from the political space, we do not comment.”

Bartol said: “The SPD had proposed in the European Parliament in the summer of, the principle of “payment block” in the copyright reform.” Also, Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD) have pushed for it. This had been rejected by the Union in the European Parliament.

Klingbeil said: “We do not want to upload, filter, and Europe.” The MEPs of the Union should join, therefore, the efforts of the SPD to achieve in the discussions on the Directive, a deletion of article 13.

FDP-Chef Christian Lindner accused the Grand coalition a “zigzag course”. If the CDU filters, the use of Upload now wants to exclude, she must insist that the upload filter in the EU Directive are prohibited, called Lindner.

Also, the Greens called on the Federal government for an appropriate Amendment of the Directive. Your Europe top candidate Sven Giegold said: “It is the opposite of a digital single market, if any rules, its Extra for the power implementation.” Anyone who wants to prevent the upload filter will be legal, “must reject the bad compromise in two weeks, and the way to new negotiations”.

The protesters in Bremen called for a free exchange of views and a fair, equitable copyright reform, such as Dominic Kis of the Initiative “Save The Internet” said. On the signs sayings were like “terror filter is not technically work” or “freedom of expression is not seen in this country”. The police estimated the number of participants to 600 to 700, the initiators spoke of a minimum of 1000.