performance of refusals for the long-term unemployed, which is placed lack of participation to the load, are unjustified in many cases. Appropriate complaints and appeals against the refusal of Hartz IV in the past year, nearly in every second case successfully.

This is evident from the response of the Federal government to an inquiry of the left faction, which is present the German press Agency. After around 8100 was given instead of 17,700 contradictions, in whole or in part. In addition, about 500 of the 1200 claims were successful – either because the actions were given or the job centre before relented.

Hartz-IV recipients are not able to lose your benefits in whole or in part, if you fail to comply with the so-called duty to cooperate – for example you miss an appointment at the job centre or a training refuse.

These sanctions can have, according to the Left-Chairman Katja Kipping, however, with devastating consequences. “We are talking of people who live practically from Hand to mouth,” explained Kipping. “The parties Concerned are able to cushion the effects of a lack of services.” Therefore, the “duty to cooperate were” immediately put to the test.