In the collision with a container ship in a harbour ferry has been damaged on the river Elbe in Hamburg, a massive. The “Finkenwerder” is damage to an “economic total”, said a police spokesman.

Why the 400-metre-long “Ever Given” off course, and against the 25-Meter-long “Finkenwerder” was crashed into, remained unclear. The container giant is currently being investigated in the Dutch city of Rotterdam on the Defects, it said. A possible cause for the accident could have been a failure of the rudder system.

people were Blankenese in the collision at the dock on Saturday does not hurt.

The “Ever Given” is first driven to the lower Saxony, Stade, it said. Container ships were different than cars not abruptly stop. On the 25-Meter-long “Finkenwerder” there were no passengers. The captain had taken the precaution has been taken to hospital, two other members of the crew were in shock.

“no, The pier and the ferry are significantly damaged,” said a police spokeswoman. The operator of the port ferries, the HADAG, line on Sunday, all departures between Cranz and Blankenese.