The adviser affair in the Ministry of defence now provides for additional jobs in the consulting industry. The consulting group Accenture, which is at the heart of the affair, paid for according to research by the star and the “Tageszeitung” (taz), specifically the services of an external consultant that continuously tracks the Evidence of the investigation Committee of the Bundestag on the topic.

In the case of the consultant the consultant is the former SPD spokesman Michael Donner Meyer. He is today as a Board member and “Key Account Manager” for the Munich-based lobbying and communications Agency Concilius active. Donner Meyer saw in the previous public meetings of the Committee regularly on the auditorium of the hall, accompanied by one of his younger colleagues. So far, it was unknown, for which customers of the Concilius-man thunder Meyer is on the road. According to information from star and “taz” is now clear: The client is Accenture.


Ministry of defence

Ursula von der Leyen and the hungry Boobs – explosive news in the consultant affair

Hans-Martin Tillack

Neither thunder, Meyer still Accenture wanted to speak on the behalf of the public. The process shows in all cases, what is the significance of Accenture, the affair attaches to the the company claims that you can come here have a debt. “Perhaps the affair from the point of view of the company appears to be serious as you have given so far,“ said the Green MP Tobias Lindner of the star. Similar to the FDP defense expert Marie said-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann: “Maybe you believe at Accenture that the air is thinner,” she said.

“Is the affair for Accenture more serious than I thought?”

Since March, the investigative Committee witnesses, listens to, and tries to fathom how it came to be in the Ministry of defence, Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) to a series of consulting contracts with a total value of tens of millions of euros. As the Federal court of auditors complained, had to respect the Ministry of the public procurement law, miss. Repeated Accenture had benefited from contracts amounting to millions for the IT consulting.

The members, it is now a question of whether it played a role that from 2015 to 2018, as state Secretary, President of the former McKinsey consultant, and Katrin Suder knew the leading Accenture-consultant and former McKinsey employees Timo Noetzel personally.

Suder had previously claimed she was basically “not been involved in selection decisions” and not” have “decided on “million budget for external consultants“. Last week, the star made public, that Suder released a very well-personally repeated millions of sums of money for external consulting contracts, including funds for Accenture and its well-Known Timo Noetzel. From the files of the Ministry of defence, it is also clear that the office of the Secretary of state to drive projects forward, at which Timo Noetzel for Accenture internal interest had filed.


Ursula von der Leyen

If, for political scientists, IT-experts: as strange As the Bundeswehr contracts

Hans-Martin Tillack Today’s Advisor as a “super-brain” for Steinbrück active

the beautiful and fascinating consultants Donner Meyer, who now follows for Accenture, the hearing of witnesses, familiar with Timo Noetzel, personally – at least fleetingly. Both of them belonged to in the year 2013 to the election campaign team of the then SPD Chancellor candidate Peer Steinbrück. Donner Meyer acted as a party spokesman, Timo Noetzel was hired, according to a former report of the “” as a “super-brain”, the “campaign enabled subjects to identify you with the content feed and the candidates strategic advice” should be. It is known that, without success remained.

thunder Meyer is now, according to the star expressly not for Noetzel, but for Accenture. The company has so far mentioned the fact that you can’t recognize your own wrongdoing. Even in cases in which the company consulting services of a studied political scientist Noetzel for the defence Ministry as an activity of a “Software architect” bill was rejected by the company, the “reporting false information” to the star “in the strongest possible terms”.

Since the witness hearings in the Committee of inquiry held largely in public, may also be affected by commercial observer posted to participate. Legally, the behavior of Accenture, is not objectionable so. Only persons who are named as Timo Noetzel himself as a witness, can be banished from the stands. According to the current condition Noetzels is testimony in the Committee on the 27. June provided.

waste of money

Gorch-Fock-Disaster: employees of the Leyens crucial piece of Information twisted into the opposite

defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen serious omissions in the renovation of the Gorch Fock has given. You spoke of a “chain of errors”, even your Secretary of state have been deprived of your information.

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