Two construction workers have been rescued in Estonia, a dog from a nearly frozen river, so at least they thought. Afterwards, the two men discovered that they pulled a wild Predator out of the water, wrapped in a blanket and in her car were worn. In the case of the neat frozen four-legged friends, it was a one-year-old Wolf, as later in the animal hospital turned out. The Estonian news site, “Postimees” reported. Also, the British BBC reported on the case.

Thus, the two men at the Sindi Dam on the Pärnu river, on the animal’s attention. With construction, you noticed, as the dog fought through the partly frozen water, and apparently began to struggle. Then they had helped him through the partially frozen water on Land and left him there wrapped in a blanket to warm him. The fur of the animal had already been covered with ice. “Postimees” shows photos of the wolf and has also spoken with the men.

Therefore, invited the two to the animal in the car, and called the animal rescue, and brought it to the nearest veterinary clinic. You would have had to carry the Wolf to the car and that he had weighed “the neat thing”. The ride to the hospital was very quiet. The Wolf slept with the head on the legs of a man, and only once looked up, as these have moved his legs, said one of the two.

Estonia: Wolf is already back in the Wilderness

according to The Reports, the animal was hypothermic and in shock, standing in the animal clinic, where it was aufgepeppelt but quickly. The experts soon realized that it was a dog and told the two men that they had to cuddle with a Wolf. This is “a new experience”, one of the two.

According to the BBC, the Wolf was also provided on the same day, with a transmitter collar and re-releasing them to the Wild. The doctor believes that it is mainly the young age of the wolf, and the extreme situation was due to that this has no opposition to take, and in the clinic for treatment. In the case of a full-grown animal would have looked quite different, so the physician.

sources: BBC / “Postimees”