The Suspects are 16 to 18 years of age and a pupil in a comprehensive school in the Dortmund district of Dorstfeld. The accusation: last Thursday, 9. May, you should have tried to kill a teacher. To do this, they developed a Plan and lured the teacher into an ambush. As guns brought hammers were provided. The subject: One of the Teens felt that the teacher unfairly treated and graded.


Suddenly the road opened up: the car sinks into the water hole


The reports of the local “Ruhr news” and the Portal “ntv” citing a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office. According to the Reports, one of the students faked a circulatory collapse in a hard-to-see garage yard in the vicinity of the school. The other two had caught the teacher in a targeted and guided to the location. The investigators, according to the Plan, the chemistry, and to kill a German teacher in this yard with the brought in tools. The hammers were not used.

Leher felt, apparently, that something was wrong

Although the teacher followed the students to the needy of the alleged Aid, according to the Reports, he had not felt but, apparently, that something was wrong. He called an ambulance and left the farm again, to wait for the paramedics. The conspirators, he would not have turned their backs on. Whether his instinct had saved him, or the deadly Plan has not been implemented for other reasons, is still unclear. The murder Commission is investigating the appointment to a crime. Two of the students should be confessed.

reports, such As the police and the public Prosecutor’s office in a joint statement, the planned fact, two days later, during a parents ‘ day. On Monday, 13. May, informed the school police.

Now, the Dortmund police are searching for a man who has observed the Events. “The witness should be gone on the Day at 14 o’clock with a dog on a footpath next to the teachers Parking lot of the Martin-Luther-King-comprehensive school of the Fine woman in Dortmund-Dorstfeld for a walk”, – stated in the message. He is kindly asked to contact us by phone 0231/1327441 to the police in Dortmund.

sources: Joint statement by police and the Prosecutor’s office of Dortmund “Ruhr Nachrichten”, “ntv”

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