30 years after the demise of the “Exxon Valdez” are the consequences of the oil Spill on the Alaskan coast is still visible. Especially in the Prince William sound crude oil residues, can be found in the shore zone is still experts say.

While the stocks of sea otters had, in the meantime of the disaster largely recovered, suffered from other types is still under the environment pollution.

The “Exxon Valdez” was on the 24. March 1989 – loaded with 163 000 tonnes crude oil on a reef run. Hundreds of thousands of seabirds and thousands of other animals such as sea otters, seals, and gray whales died immediately from the effects of the oil Spill. The fishing in the area came temporarily to a Standstill. In the aftermath of the disaster, the Oil company Exxon has to pay billions for cleansing, damages and fines.

Today, the reef is marked with a warning light. In addition, will be allowed to travel in the Region, only double-hull tankers and the accompanying tugs.

In the French Atlantic specialists are currently fighting against a threat of oil Spill. About 300 kilometers from the coast, a ship was there just two weeks after a fire has fallen. The Oil comes from the fuel tanks of the freighter.