mash has no good reputation. Porridge, you eat as a child and later, if you’re unlucky, in the case of illness or old teeth. Nevertheless, I highly recommend a rice porridge, the cards under the name of Congee can be found on Chinese dining, spoken Kondschi. He deserves to be known to us, for attention: He makes you rich. The dish is popular from Japan, China and Southeast Asia to India. And because for thousands of years is so, must be something to it.

I like to make Congee, because he goes me to the heart, I sigh while eating. The zuherzen in-depth is based on the fact that the body absorbs in the rice porridge dissolved carbohydrates without resistance. And even if the porridge itself is bland, but with limited means, put on make-up.

A hurdle in our court: We need to sticky rice. Glutinous rice belongs to the grain, as starchy to waxy potatoes – there are two worlds. Grain rice (e.g. Basmati) is unsuitable, because even if he overcooked completely, it lacks the desired slippery-quillerige nature (I tried).

sticky rice is distributed internationally, on the packaging it can also be called Sticky rice or Glutinous rice (even if it contains no wheat Gluten), Kleefrijst (in Dutch shops) or Riz gluant (in French-speaking countries). City-dwellers get it in the Asia Store, rural residents, by Mail, via the Internet.

Pho, Bun, and coffee: The you should. the Vietnamese Fullscreen

Phở – a traditional soup

to order the Phở is a soup of Vietnamese cuisine It is actually considered as the national dish of Vietnam. It is served in a bowl and contains, in addition to a strong clear broth, usually made from beef bones, rice noodles and thinly sliced beef. The meat is in the broth of Phở. It is seasoned with the aromatic soup with onions, mint, coriander, chilli, Lime wedges and fish sauce. In South Vietnam, also Basil and mung beans are given to germs.

Traditionally, it is served for Breakfast but also sold at any other time of the day.

© A dish made of only two ingredients

The preparation is very simple. I give 1 Cup glutinous rice (130 g in weight, 150 ml in volume) in a saucepan, add the twelve-fold amount of water, cook briefly, turn off then on the weakest possible heat level down, put on the lid so that the steam can escape, and let sources. How long is it? An hour is almost no matter, at least, easily two. Because of the rice dissolves during the time anyway, cloudy, dazzling totally, I don’t need to guard him. It’s as easy.

I encountered Congee, as I polishing in Vancouver for eleven dollars an hour at police headquarters the night shift brass brushed (in North America and flaunt sovereign building with brass – authorities signs, doors and stair railing are a matter of day-to-day, or better yet, at night, to a high gloss). Lunch for me was around two o’clock in the morning, and in the nightlife of the nearby Chinese quarter, where I ate was Congee all the rage. At the time, I still pulled noodle soups, porridge I was a little suspect. But as I attended the 2014 Vancouver again, I discovered at a Chinese Congee on the map, and ordered him full of curiosity.

To my Surprise, he was completely fad: in fact, nothing but goo in my Cup, and was also unsalted. Equally surprising, however, clear fish sauce, a few mushrooms was Added to him the smallest taste-giving petitesse (something leeks or a little Chili), the rice porridge with the Addition downright to lights – the food was immediately strangely interesting. In Vancouver I ate the whole bowl empty, to be without the thing tired – to stay in the for hours full.

The joy of saving seeds

This is for sure one of the reasons for the tremendous and eternal popularity of the court. It saturates, it does so long-lasting and cost virtually nothing. Therefore, Congee makes you rich! According to Henry Ford’s dictum, namely, that it is not by the money rich, you earned, but by what it spends. With Congee you live in crazy economical. That should pull in a society of bargain hunters and chintzy, which miserliness is regarded as a cool, but comfortable.

How cheap you can eat with Congee for a long time, was attributed to: 1 Kilo glutinous rice costs about 3 euros (a 20-Kilo bag, by the way, 50 euros). 12 parts water to 1 part rice initially appears to be impossible for a lot of, but that’s true and proves how crazy high the water absorption capacity of glutinous rice. From 1 bowl of rice, 130 g in weight and in value from 40 cents at the use of 12 x 150 ml of water, 1.8 liters of Congee. The saturates four people! But why calculate?

we Think short. The world is increasingly full of lunatic? You is it. It is not excluded that dark hackers shut down the power supply of Metropolitan areas, and our deep freezer melt the rest? It is not. Can it hurt to provide a little probable, but not impossible emergency with indestructible food? It can’t hurt, no. This is not a Preppertum, this is a healthy skepticism combined with common sense and Care.

Stiftung Warentest Basmati rice: Every fifth product by fall and the winner of the test it is no longer kept on the market By Denise Snieguole Wachter

How reassuring: A bag of rice, a few boxes of still water, a camping stove and some gas canisters in the basement, and we defy any crisis.

but Now to the taste. I advise, do the the Chinese and not to add salt to the rice. Rice tastes the same. And 1-2 TSP of clear fish sauce (see below) over the porridge, a small fireworks are trickled for the papillae. A little bit of chives or coriander green causes in addition to wonder, likewise, rings of fresh chili pepper.

You can. when you cook the rice also, ginger squeezed the root, the White of 1 spring onion and 1 chicken leg mitgaren, the ginger and discard, the leg meat zerzupfen and back in the rice porridge and minced onion green! Cut into strips of cold or hot smoked “stremel” salmon is a real charm, like a pair of colorful diced chard is just as stems.

in front of them to Chinese? Scots food similar to porridge, their Congee is made from oats and is called Porridge. And in Italy there is Polenta. Ever heard of this?