after The deadly attack with a sword arrested 28-Year-old has confessed to the crime. The office of the public Prosecutor and the police informed in Stuttgart in the evening. “The man has given in the police interviews the fact,” said a spokesman. The burden of proof would seem to be overwhelming have been.

The former roommate of the 36-year-old victim was on Wednesday evening, a few hours after the fact, by officials and arrested. A judge issued a prison warrant against him. The Suspect is now in custody.

the motive for the sword attack in Stuttgart, unclear

the lack of clarity further fact about the motivations for the brutal. “Previous investigations and submissions of the accused, according to the motive for the murder is still in the private relationship to the victim,” police said. The two men lived according to investigators until Recently, together in a residential community not far from the crime scene in Stuttgart’s Fasanenhof road. A political or Islamist, the officials from closing currently. Witnesses have noticed before the attack, a loud argument between the two men.

Bestial murder

man rapes and kills a student – her friend, the Grey is no rest

In the course of which the offender attacked the 36-year-old German, according to the police, with a “sword-like object” and set it up with Blows and bites savagely. The man died at the scene, rescue workers were not able to help him. The fact it happened in broad daylight and on the open road in the Stuttgart residential area. Many local residents and passers-by had to witness the horrific Events, including, according to a report in the “Bild”newspaper, the eleven-year-old daughter of the victim. A police officer spoke of an “extraordinary and appalling” act.

a suspect using a false identity in Germany?

Several people filmed the deadly attack. The hardly yield recordings were disseminated by users through social networks. The Stuttgart public Prosecutor checks, whether made by the people who have recorded Videos and uploaded them to a criminal offence. According to a spokesman for the “violation of the highly personal Living space by means of image recordings”. The police have secured the sequences according to their own information for the purpose of Investigation and the user will be asked, the video from the network to increase.

police arrest man

horror in Stuttgart: a man with a “sword like object” stabbed to death

there was confusion, however, the identity of the confessed arrested. He was registered “in Germany, as a Syrian citizen,” said the police after the fact. The wording makes it clear: Sure, the officials are not. The identity has not yet been finally clarified, a spokesman said. The husband should be come 2015 seeking protection in the Federal Republic of Germany and, according to a report of the “Stuttgarter Zeitung” for four years under the wrong name, wrong age and wrong nationality have lived here. May be it was a 30-year-old Palestinian, according to the paper. The Arrested was the police because of several crimes in what context, did not want to say a spokesman for the time being. The issued arrest warrant against him is murder in the first.

sources: the police Bureau in Stuttgart I, police headquarters Stuttgart II, police headquarters of Stuttgart, III, “image”newspaper, “Stuttgarter Zeitung”, News Agency DPA

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