The investigation Committee of the Bundestag to Berlin’s Christmas market-stop want to a well-Known of the assassin Anis Amri as witnesses, shortly after the fact, deported to Tunisia.

As of today, the Committee said, a majority of the members for a decision. Open is whether Bilal B. A. is to be heard in Berlin or abroad.

The Tunisians had contact in December 2016 – a few hours before the attack – with Amri. In February 2017, he was deported directly from custody to Tunisia, where he is supposed to have a couple of months ago, also stopped.

Against the Deportees, he said, in a re-entry ban for the Schengen area have been imposed, reported, the Committee Chairman Armin Schuster (CDU). He thought, therefore, that a survey abroad makes sense. The Greens-Chairwoman of the Committee of inquiry, Irene Mihalic said: “the elucidation of The contexts with a view to planning and carrying out the attack must not be obstructed.”

The rejected asylum seekers, anise Amri had at 19. December 2016 hijacked a truck that had barreled into a crowd of people at the Christmas market at the Kaiser-Wilhelm-memorial Church and had killed twelve people. After the attack, he could flee to Italy, where he was shot by the police.

In the Committee of inquiry had been spoken on Thursday night about shots from the scene at the memorial Church, on which, allegedly, Bilal B. A. is supposed to be. Several members of the Committee declared no relevant footage available. The Federal criminal police office declined to comment with reference to the jurisdiction of the attorney General. A spokesman for the Federal Prosecutor’s office said it had given them the breitscheidplatz at the time of the attack according to the status of the investigation, “no further suspects on the spot”. The investigation against Bilal B. A. to be at that time “been in the absence of a sufficient Tatverdachts set”.