It is not a good Start for the German areas and plants this year. The floors are in this spring, once again significantly drier than at the beginning of last year. The German weather service (DWD) said on Tuesday in Offenbach. “Should stop the dry weather in the coming months, it could be a repeat of the drought of the year to 2018, or even exceeded,” said DWD-expert Udo Busch.

In wide areas of Eastern Germany, the forest fire danger, according to DWD, in the meantime, is already very high. In Brandenburg, about the highest warning level applies almost across the Board. The same also applies to adjacent areas in lower Saxony or Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Dry water and bad Harvests in the last year

Already in the previous year, there had been in Germany a long-lasting severe drought, which was, among other things, farmers and many water bodies dry up.

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