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data Theft in the Bundestag: suspect arrested (9.05)woman in Saudi Arabia is waiting in Thailand, to leave in the third country (6.35 PM)General attorney: terror suspect is in January, 5.20 PM), delivered (Uber driver confesses to murder of six people in the USA (3.45 am)of North Korea ruler Kim on way to China (2.18 PM)

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+++ 10.36 PM: collective expulsion of 36 men to Afghanistan +++

The Federal government has deported 36 of the Afghanistan-born refugees back to their home country. As the Bavarian state office for asylum, and returns, announced in Munich, brought with it the first deportation flight this year, the men in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

in Total were involved, according to the eight provinces of the deportations. 23 of the 36 Affected lived recently in Bavaria. Among these twelve were the Bavarian authority, according to strong offenders sentenced.

The flight was 20. Collective expulsion to Afghanistan have been flown since the beginning of these deportations, around 500 people to Afghanistan. Deportation there of the situation in the country due to the security highly controversial.

+++ 10.31 PM: Three Dead and 200 injured in a train accident in South Africa +++

In the case of the frontal collision of two trains in South Africa, came first, according to at least three people were killed and 200 more injured. The private ambulance service ER24, said on Twitter. The collision of two local trains occurred, therefore, in the North of the capital, Pretoria, in the District of Mountain View.

+++ 10.06 PM: arrest in the state of Hesse, according to data Theft. + + +

After the massive Online-attack on politicians and celebrities in a 20 has been taken-Year-old from Central Hesse on a provisional basis. The Federal criminal police office (BKA) announced on Wiesbaden. The German press Agency learned from security circles that the young man had fully admitted their guilt. Earlier, mirror had reported “Online”.

His apartment was on Sunday searched. The exact location of the BKA informed. The authority and the General Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt want to announce on Tuesday at noon (12 PM) in Wiesbaden, Germany Details of the previous investigations in the case of mass data theft.

About 1,000 politicians, celebrities and journalists are concerned, according to the Federal Ministry of the interior, of the Online attack. About 50 cases were serious, because larger data packages, such as private data, photos and correspondence have been published.

+++ 9.18 PM: suspect in data Theft confessed +++

The after the Online attack on politicians and celebrities arrested 20-Year-old from Central Hesse is fully confessed. The learned the German press Agency from security circles.

+++ 9.05 PM: data Theft in the Bundestag: suspect arrested +++

After the large-scale data theft in the case of politicians and other personalities of the public life of a 20-year-old man as a suspect has been arrested. The arrest was made on Sunday, as the Federal criminal police office in Wiesbaden announced. Previously the apartment of a man in Central Hesse had been searched.

+++ 8.56 PM: at Least 32 killed in attacks by jihadists in the East of Syria +++

In attacks of the jihadists militia Islamic state (IS) have been killed in Eastern Syria, according to activists at least 32 people. The jihadists would have tried to attack against a Kurdish-Arab militia, to defend their last Bastion in the East of Syria, said the Syrian Observatory for human rights. 23 fighters of the Syrian Democratic forces (SDF) and nine jihadists were killed.

+++ 8.40 PM: New information to data-theft + + + expected

Five days after the mass data theft are expected on Tuesday, news of the investigation. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer wants to speak in the early afternoon (14 PM) in front of the capital press. Previously, the CSU had stressed politician, he will inform the population “only with solid facts and not conjecture”. Next to him on the Podium of the President of the Federal criminal police office (BKA), Holger Münch, the head of the Federal office for information security (BSI), Arne Schönbohm, to sit.

+++ 7.54 PM: police are looking for hostage-taking further motive +++

After a hostage-taking of Dozens of children and young people in a sports hall in the münsterland Lengerich with the police to the motive of the suspects. Further interviews are planned, said a police spokesman of the German press Agency, also on Monday night by the special forces arrested suspects will interviewed. Also the statements of the two supervisors who had been with 43 children and young people in the hall, could be important, he said. If some of the children would be questioned, is still unclear. The 25-Year-old had held the children between the ages of 12 and 18 years of age and their carers on Monday afternoon in the sports hall according to the figures, about an hour long and with the Ignition of a bomb threatened. Special forces overpowered the man early Monday evening. A search of the sports hall with EDDS remained inconclusive.

+++ 7.20 PM: One dead in fire at oil Tanker in front of Hong Kong – Three Missing +++

In the case of a fire on an oil Tanker in front of Hong Kong for at least one crew member is killed. Three more were missing, according to the Hong Kong radio RTHK. The accident happened off the island of Lamma. On photos was to see how the 144-metre-long ship, burned in wrong position. A dark cloud of smoke rose into the sky. Earlier, a loud Explosion was reported. The sailors were apparently jumped into the water to bring in security. Rescue workers have mountains 23 from the water, told Hong Kong Radio. At least three had to be brought to the hospital.

+++ 6.35 PM: a woman in Saudi Arabia is waiting in Thailand, to leave in the third country +++

After a prevented deportation from Thailand in her home, a young woman from Saudi Arabia is now waiting for the departure in a third country. The 18-year-old Rahaf Mohammed al-Kunun was on Tuesday in the care of the UN refugee Agency UNHCR. The airport of Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, was allowed to leave now. According to the UN, it will probably take several days to clear, where you can leave the country. The woman, who was acting according to its own information from your own family, miss, seeks asylum. Allegedly, she has an entry visa for Australia. The UNHCR representative in Thailand, Giuseppe de Vicentiis, said: “We are very grateful that the Thai authorities have sent Al-Kunun against their will to go home.”

+++ Ticker +++

News of the day

Kevin Spacey in court of sexual Assault

DPA +++ 6.05 PM: Several injured in fire in Casino accused of high-rise building in Cambodia +++

In the case of a fire in a 18-storey high-rise building in the Cambodian city at least six people Poipet to have been injured. The fire broke out, according to police, on Monday night in a building where a casino is located. It is suspected that it was caused by a cable fire. Poipet is located close to the border with Thailand. There are numerous Casinos are located. In the case of the injured it is five people from Cambodia and one from China. According to a police spokesperson, they got away with lighter injuries. On the Tuesday a Wounded had to be treated in hospital. The spokesman said the dpa: “fortunately, the fire did not spread to the room, but was just outside the Elevator. Therefore, nobody died.” The high-rise building with the Casino was only a few months ago. According to a report by the “Phnom Penh Post” is booming in the gambling business in Cambodia. Last year alone, 52 new Casino licenses were granted. Meanwhile, in the South-East Asian country of 150 Casinos that are open only to foreigners. Officially, it is forbidden to Cambodians, to play there.

+++ 5.58 PM: Amazon solves Microsoft as the most valuable company in the world +++

The Online retailer Amazon is for the first time become the most valuable publicly listed companies in the world. The share of the U.S. group, rose on Monday to as many as 3.44 per cent, Amazon’s stock market value rose to 797 billion dollars. The company outperformed the previous leader, Microsoft. The U.S. software giant took over the title as the most valuable company until the end of November, the U.S. technology group Apple, which is in the current ranking on the fourth place. The list of measured at the exchange value – the most valuable company in the world, is consistently led by US firms in the high-tech and Internet industry. On Amazon, Microsoft follows with a value of 783 billion dollars. Behind it is the Google parent company, Alphabet (748 billion dollars), and Apple (702 billion dollars).

+++ 5.37 PM: a deportation flight from Germany to Kabul +++

In the Afghan capital, Kabul, arrived arrived on Tuesday morning, another deportation flight from Germany. Officials at the airport informed them that the machine was short-landed before 7.00 PM local time. Accordingly, 36 deported Afghans were on Board. It was the 20. Collective expulsion, since the first flight in December 2016. In the previous 19 deportations, the Federal government and the States had brought 439 men back to Afghanistan. After a collective expulsion at the beginning of July one of the 69 men had committed shortly after his arrival in Kabul, suicide. The deportations are controversial, because the war against the radical Islamic Taliban and the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) is expanding in Afghanistan. Only on Christmas eve have been killed in Kabul in an hour-long attack on several government buildings in at least 43 people. A total of 2018 in the case of 22 major attacks in Kabul, more than 550 people were killed.

+++ 5.20 PM: General Prosecutor: terror suspect to be extradited in January +++

in Mainz arrested terror suspects Syrians are to be delivered according to the assessment of the Koblenz Prosecutor-General later this month to the Netherlands. “I’m still convinced that we get in January on the stage,” said Jürgen Brauer of the German press Agency. The higher regional court (OLG) Koblenz has not adopted yet no Extradition warrant. When it could come to that, is still unclear, said OLG spokeswoman Petra Zimmermann. Then the 26 could be delivered in-year-old Syrians, according to the brewers quickly. He has been based in Rotterdam for a living.

+++ 4.52 PM: insect research there is a lack of experts +++

biologists have discovered in the past few years, with genome studies of thousands of new animal species, especially insects. However, there is a lack of experts to determine the findings, said Jérôme Morinière of the Zoological state collection of Munich, the German press Agency. Of the more than 30,000 in Germany, the well-known insect species, a third of the beetles and butterflies. “So 90 percent of the taxonomists involved.” Unscheinbarere kinds of way would be as bad. “Wasps and flies do not have a Lobby such as beetles and butterflies.” For the determination of some of the findings already specialists from Russia had been brought to Munich.

+++ 4:35 PM: Ghosn appears to be in Japan for the first time in court +++

The Japanese prisoners at the end of the previous Board of Directors head of Renault partner Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, appeared on Tuesday for the first time since his arrest before the court. In a dark suit without a tie, he entered in the Morning (local time), the courtroom in Tokyo. He had submitted to the court a request to hear the reasons for his for over a month, the pre-trial detention. Ghosn, Renault’s CEO and Nissan had once saved from near Bankruptcy, was on the 19th. November on suspicion of violation of stock exchange requirements. It is his first public appearance since the arrest.

+++ 3.45 PM: Uber driver confesses to murder of six people in the U.S. +++

for the active man has the murder of six people in the U.S. state of Michigan stood in the year 2016. The defendant, Jason Dalton pleaded just before the start of his trial on Monday of not guilty. When the judge asked him if he wanted to make a confession, replied the 48-Year-old: “Yeah, I wanted to do for quite some time.” Dalton was shot in February 2016, around 230 kilometres West of Detroit city of Kalamazoo in three different places at passers-by. Between the acts he promoted Uber passengers. Six people were killed, a woman and a youth were seriously injured. In the case of a conviction, a sentence of life imprisonment threatens to Dalton.

+++ 3.05 PM: Bremen AfD-Chef Magnitz attack injured +++

The Bremen AfD-Chairman and member of the Bundestag Frank Magnitz is attacked by several attackers and was injured. The fact have happened on Monday afternoon near the Theater am Goetheplatz in Bremen, police said. It was likely a politically motivated act. The police state protection and the Prosecutor’s office in Bremen launched an investigation. Nach details of the AfD Bremen, was injured Magnitz in the attack difficult. He had been attacked by three hooded men. “With a two-by-four, they beat him unconscious and kicked more against his head as he lay on the ground,” said the party. A construction worker intervened and ended the attack.

+++ 2.58 PM: Harley-Davidson introduces its first electric motorcycle before +++

Harley-Davidson builds first electric motorcycle. The legendary brand, whose two wheels are characterized with a characteristic engine sound, jumps up on the General shift of the industry to electric mobility. The model LiveWire impressed with the performance and with the price of The vehicle comes from zero to 60 miles per hour (96.5 km/h) in 3.5 seconds and is just under $ 30,000 (26 000 euros). Shipped it is to be from August.


A Harley-Davidson in the electric Version

©John Locher DPA +++ 2.18 PM: North Korea’s ruler Kim on the way to China +++

North Korea’s rulers Kim Jong Un is on the way to China. There he would hold talks with the Chinese state and party chief Xi Jinping, reported the South Korean news Agency Yonhap on Tuesday, citing North Korean state media. Kim’s visits to China until Thursday at the invitation of Xi. Previously had already been the fourth Meeting between the two politicians speculated, after a special train from North Korea on Monday evening (local time), after China entered the country. In the case of a new Meeting between both of the men about the upcoming second summit of Kim’s meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump’s vote. The place will still be negotiated, had Trump said on Sunday. “It may not be announced in the not too distant future.” The dialogue with North Korea over well, assured Trump. There is speculation that it could take place in Vietnam. A date is not fixed yet.

+++ 1.15 PM: coalition meetings – silent noise silent about results +++

After her life in the past year, the tips of the black-and-advised-red coalition on Monday evening-around six hours on the focus of their policy in the next few months. The Meeting ended according to information from the German press Agency on Monday evening shortly before midnight. Results of the discussions under the chairmanship of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) were not initially known, the round was not disclosed. On the extensive agenda of the Agency were, according to the German press-also foreign policy issues – therefore, the Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) also took part on the outside. In the discussion page were from the SPD in addition to Maas, the internal under severe pressure, party leader Andrea Nahles and Vice Chancellor and Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz.

+++ 0.06 at: Rheinische Post: the Federal Minister of justice calls for faster Lock hacked accounts +++

Federal Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD) has Internet prompted providers such as social networks, to block spoofed user accounts, faster. “The platforms need to lock the account, about the Hacks to be distributed, immediately,” said Barley from the düsseldorf “Rheinische Post” (Tuesday). “If the Accounts of hackers are captured, need to be able to return to their owners as quickly as possible long,” said Barley, and brought new rules into the conversation. Here you can check how the platforms could be more in the duty, the Minister said. They also called for more transparency in the network. “We also need a Europe-wide valid security seal of approval, so users decent can recognize the trust deals directly,” said Barley.

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