The collective bargaining for the public service of the countries to resume today in Potsdam. At the start of the probably decisive round of Negotiations, there had been no approaches between the trade unions and the collective bargaining Union of the German States (TdL).

The largest room, the understanding took first on a timetable for Negotiations to the weekend, as it was called.

A breakthrough on Saturday or Sunday, according to the Parties possible as well as a Failure of the negotiations. Then the strikes would be the result. Prior to the ongoing third round of Negotiations, the workers had been extensive Strikes, pressure on the countries-employers.

The trade unions are calling for around one Million employees in the countries with the exception of Hesse, among other things, six per cent more money, but at least 200 euros more per month. The conclusion should also be transferred to some 2.3 million civil servants and pensioners.