The former lawyer of the US President, Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, sued the cost of the Trump Organisation on payment of around 1.9 million Dollar lawyer. After the on Thursday at a court in the state of New York submitted a lawsuit, it is expenditure, to the Cohen for his legal counsel had to expend in numerous hearings and procedures. Cohen’s lawyers are accusing the Trump organization, a breach of contract. They argue that the Trump organization had agreed in July 2017, to pay the cost of Cohen’s lawyers in the various studies.

The Trump organization encompasses the various companies in the group. With his inauguration in January 2017, the President withdrew from the leadership that he left his two oldest sons – the Trump organization is doing to him but still.

Michael Cohen before the U.S. Congress

trump’s Ex-lawyer Has lied in his spectacular hearing (again)?

Michael Cohen known several Offences

Cohen turned away from the Trump and court and the US Congress serious charges against the President charged. In the past year, Cohen had on trial for several Offences, pleaded guilty to, among other things, because of a false testimony before the Congress, and for violations of the law on election campaign financing. In the latter case, it was hush money payments, which had run Cohen in his own words in the order of Trump. In December, the Ex-lawyer was sentenced to three years in prison, he was supposed to compete in may.

In the suit, it is now called, in spite of the agreement, the Trump organization refused since may of last year, to pay Cohen’s legal fees. The open invoices and related costs amounted to approximately $ 1.9 million. By the breach of contract, Cohen was also created to further harm the Trump organization also had to reimburse. The final amount to be determined at the time of the court proceedings.