In a dramatic statement in the US Congress, Donald has trump’s longtime attorney, Michael Cohen, a frontal attack against the President. “He is a racist. He is a cheater. He is a swindler,” said Cohen on Wednesday in Washington about his former superiors. The yourself to three years of imprisonment has sentenced 52-Year-old Trump threw a series of breaches of the Law and lies.

As Cohen accused the U.S. President in the election campaign of 2016 in advance of the Wikileaks publications to the detriment of his former campaign rival, Hillary Clinton knew. The unveiling platform published E-Mails from the Clinton camp had been hijacked, according to the findings of the US intelligence services by Russian hackers.

Trump should be according to Cohen after taking office in allegedly illegal efforts to conceal a hush money payment to an alleged previous sexual partner – the pornstar Stormy Daniels – involved. The Federal court in New York, was sentenced Cohen in December, among other things, because of this payment, sees this as an illegal electoral campaign financing.


hearing before the Congress

trump’s Ex-lawyer settles and suggests new allegations. The events at a Glance


Cohen said in his public testimony before the permanent investigating Committee of the house of representatives that New York Federal prosecutors led to more and yet that is not publicly known investigations to operations, the Trump alleged to be involved. The content of this investigation, he did not want to comment.

Donald Trump is trying to Cohen to discredit

Trump tried to smash Cohen’s credibility. From Hanoi, where he was to make his summit with North Korea’s commander-in-chief Kim Jong-Un wrote to the President in the short message service Twitter, Cohen wool to reduce by means of lies, “his time in prison”.

Also, the Congress allies of the President were looking for with permanent attacks on Cohen during the hearing, doubts as to the truth of the shield of which is to sow: “you have a history of constant lying,” said about the Republican Chairman Jim Jordan. His colleague, Mr Paul Gosar hurled at Cohen among children in the United States the popular saying: “liar, liar, pants on fire.”

Cohen has to begin his prison sentence in may. Was sentenced to he in addition to tax and financial offences also because of earlier false statements to the Congress. The offences he committed in connection with his work for Trump. In front of the Deputy, he appeared remorseful: “I am ashamed that I have helped to disguise Mr Trumps tort.”

No evidence of illegal collusion with Russia

As proof of its allegations, presented Cohen multiple documents. Including copies of two checks were each $ 35,000, Trump him after he issued, and for which partial refunds of the Schweigegelds for Stormy Daniels acted in.

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Stephen King’s “The Outsider”

“The Outsider” – Stephen king small settlement with the US under Donald Trump

To be admitted by a special investigator, studied in Russia, the affair Cohen, to have no evidence of illegal collusion with Moscow. However, he reported an Episode from the run-up to an ominous Meeting between trump’s son, Donald junior, and a Russian lawyer in June 2016.

According to Cohen, the Trump-son whispered at the time, his father: “For the Meeting, everything is ready.” Trump replied: “Okay, good. Just let me know.” Trump has asserted, to have of the Meeting knew nothing. The publications of internal E-Mails from the Clinton camp, through the Wikileaks platform Trump learned, according to Cohen, in advance of his Confidant Roger Stone. The Ex-lawyer also renewed his accusation against Trump, for him to make his earlier perjury to the Congress.

Cohen had concealed, that the Trump group is unrealized until the hot Phase of the election campaign of 2016, the – the end – project of a high-rise tower in Moscow had followed. Cohen worked for ten years for the Trump group and was the sweeper of the Immobilienmoguls – so the man who did behind-the-Scenes unpleasant matters from the world.