Ulrich Thomas, CDU group Vice -, in Saxony-Anhalt, has triggered a new debate about the handling of his party with the AfD. “We should not exclude a coalition, anyway. As of now, it is not possible – but we don’t know how the situation in two or five years,” he said of the “Central German newspaper”. In Saxony-Anhalt, 2021, elected a new Parliament. The AfD had many radical politicians. However, there are also liberal forces. “We need to see what the flow is through.”

CDU land chief keeps Opening to the AfD for the wrong

Ulrich Thomas and Lars-Jörn room, also Deputy head of the parliamentary group, have created the media report, according to an eight-page Memorandum. In it is argued, the voters of the CDU and the AfD would have similar goals. Germany select “still a majority” conservative. The CDU have, however, alienated followers by “don’t oppose multi-cultural currents of left-wing parties and groups” sufficiently decided.

As a recipe for a resurgence of the CDU, quoted in the “Central German newspaper” of the paper, would Thomas and room recommend a return to the Nation. “It must be possible to reconcile the Social with the National” would mean it literally. It is the “historical error” to have the yearning for home, not defended.

Martin Sonneborn, “The party”-Chairman and Ex-“Titanic”-editor-in-chief, commenting on the word choice: “I would have been a good name: social-nationalism,” wrote the EU parliamentarians on Twitter.

CDU land chief Holger Stahlknecht made in the “Central German newspaper”, however, it clear that he considers an Opening to the AfD is wrong. He wanted to run after the state election, neither with the Left nor with the AfD’s coalition negotiations. “I warn against to move the CDU to the right.”

In the autumn in Saxony, Brandenburg and Thuringia state elections. The AfD could be according to surveys, in part, as the strongest party.

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