The German Bank is handing over a US media report, according to financial records from U.S. President Donald Trump to the investigating authorities in New York. The money the Institute had made a request no information on the case, reported CNN on Wednesday.

The German Bank had already declared previously in the principle: “We are committed to cooperate with authorized investigations.” Also, the Prosecutor’s office in New York commented on the facts of the case on request.

investigators in New York had asked in March in the context of civil proceedings, to the surrender of the documents, after Trumps had says Ex-lawyer Michael Cohen, the President of its assets as too high. The studies conducted in New York, the new Trump Hotel in Washington, two other Hotels in Miami and Chicago, and the takeover attempt of the American according to CNN,-Football-Teams Buffalo Bills in the centre.

Also, the Democrats in the US Congress are calling for in the course of their studies, the Trumps financial transactions records by the Deutsche Bank and other financial institutions. It is a question of whether other States have tried to influence the policy of the United States. Also investigating possible Links to Russia. The secret service Committee and the Finance Committee had provides the banks with appropriate citations, how the Deputy had Adam Schiff last week, informed. According to information from the “New York Times” must also deliver to JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup documents.

Since the Democrats back the majority in the U.S. house of representatives, try the committees to get insight in the transactions of the Deutsche Bank, the Trump is said to have given loans worth billions of dollars. For a long time, Deutsche Bank was according to information from the “New York Times” one of the few money institutions, with the Trump is still in business relations.