From the beginning of the 16th century. Century to the 19th century. Century, it was unusually cold on earth. It’s called the little ice age. Previously, it took for the little ice age, as well as for the warm weather time of 12. Century natural causes. Now it looks like this cooling, at least partially, of people.

researchers at the University College London claim that the variation in the CO2 content of the air depends on. Today, an increasing CO2 heats up the atmosphere, had led to a decrease in the carbon dioxide for cooling.

Today, the CO2 is increasing because we burn on a large scale, fossil energy carrier, then the bound biomass had increased massively. The nitrogen of the air, wandered into plants.

And for the reduction of the CO2 content in the atmosphere, you have found a terrible explanation. Of Lichtenberg’s aphorism dates: “The American who discovered Columbus first made a bad discovery.” In fact, the Europeans have wiped out within a short period of time the majority of the indigenous Americans. By direct violence, by introduced diseases, and because the Indians did not tolerate the use of slave labour, to forced the the new gentlemen,


Francesco Pizarro – Of greed, of Gold and carnage

He is one of the most brutal and most cunning generals in the Spanish raids across the great sea. 168 man killed Francisco Pizarro thousands of Incas and put the most powerful Empire of the new continent in rubble and ashes. Until now, he’d won over a Million gold pesos – one of the greatest treasures in the world’s history. The harrowing diary of father Antonio Toledo

< p > culture was destroyed

A Team of scientists now says that the European colonization led to the fact that a huge part of the agricultural land of the Indians-was disappeared cultures and fast-growing trees covered. “The great Dying of the indigenous peoples of the Americas led to the abandonment of so much Land, that the resulting inclusion of terrestrial carbon had a significant influence on the atmosphere and global surface temperatures,” writes Alexander Koch in the study, which was settled in “Quaternary Science Reviews” published.

culinary Australia

How the Aborigines ate

access to this Thesis, have tried to the researchers, first, to determine population numbers. Thus lived the end of the 15. Century, about 10 per cent of the world’s population in all of America, the 60 million people. A hundred years later, five to six million remained. Co-author Professor Mark Maslin says that the actual cooling was about twice as high as if you would be caused solely by natural processes. “To get a cool down to this extent is required by the genocide-produced increase in CO2.”

reforestation is not the solution

in addition to the memory of the genocide, the study involves a further little hopeful implication. It is expected the increase in biomass at that time, for after all, the area of France in the jungle has been transformed in the today’s combustion of fossil energy in order to rates, carrier, corresponds to the global CO-emissions of a little more than two years.

This means that afforestation projects for the local climate are significant. Climate change by CO2 emissions, you can’t stop it. So much area is not available to produce biomass at this scale.

sources: Quaternary Science Reviews

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