security forces have taken place in Berlin Arafat Abou-Chaker, the notorious clan chief, and a former business partner of the rapper Bushido. The Berlin public Prosecutor’s office confirmed on request the appropriate messages.

the “urgent suspicion of the appointment of a crime exists,” said the spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office of the news Agency AFP. More specifically, it involves a “concerted the abduction of minors, aggravated assault and incitement to abduction of minors”, he said. As grounds for Detention, he was called escape and the risk of collusion. According to “Bild”-newspaper of the clan chief is said to have planned to kidnap the children hit or his wife Anna-Maria fer-Chichi and the accomplice were looking for.

Bushido said of Arafat Abou-Chaker los

The arrest was on the edge of a court appointment in front of the district court of Tiergarten in Berlin. Immediately prior to the arrest of Abou-Chaker had been to court information for assault and threat to a suspended sentence of ten months condemned, but it is still quite strong. In the process it came to a dispute in the stairwell of a physiotherapy practice. Abou-Chaker is there, stabbed his victim with the fingers in the eyes and give him a broken nose added.

The police has been to fight not only in the capital – with an organised clan of crime and in the past few months, multiple public raids. The so-called Abou-Chaker-Clan is, among other things, with drugs and weapons trade, protection money, pressings, robbery, and pimping.

Benjamin Jendro, spokesman for the police Union, called the arrest of Abou-Chakers in a first reaction, “an important sign of the legal state”, accused the Berlin Senate in relation to organised crime, however, “small talk and lack of action” in the past.

The Berlin public Prosecutor’s office had launched in December a Department for asset recovery. To strengthen the fight against Organised crime and assets, resulting from criminal offences, and seizures.

Bushido talked about possible plans for revenge

Bushido los said recently of his former business partner. The musicians spoke in October in the star-Exclusive Interview about possible plans for revenge of the clan chiefs after its separation from him.

star talk

separation of Arafat Abou-Chaker

Bushido: “If anything happens to me, for my family

Over the years,” had subjected themselves to the Rap Superstar Bushido the head of a criminal clan. Now he and his wife, Anna signs-Maria fer-Chichi, as they freed themselves from its clutches – and why they seek the proximity of another clan.

in 2013, the star revealed under the title “Bushido and the Mafia”, that’s the million-dollar Rapper-born Boss of a criminal Arabic family had issued a General power of attorney. The separation of his infamous business partner, Abou-Chaker in March 2018 was seen as a sensitive step in the Milieu of Organised crime.

sources: “image”-newspaper, public Prosecutor’s office Berlin, GdP-speaker Benjamin Jendro on Twitter

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