hair-Raising farce to the pug of a family of five in Ahlen in Westphalia. “Sweet pug lady with pedigree for sale! Not neutered,” it said in mid-December last year in an Ebay classified ad. So far, So cute. 750 euros, the seller, according to information from the private provider required for the one-year-old four-legged friend. He was vaccinated, with a Chip and after the Check of a veterinarian, healthy to the core, wrote the seller in the Text. A policewoman from Wülfrath found the display, but skeptical. “I only believed in a Fake display of” she is quoted as saying in the “Ahlener Tageblatt”, which had first reported about the case. For a purebred pug would be paid accordingly up to 2000 Euro. The police officer handle, nevertheless, to the telephone and had to select to their astonishment, an employee of the city administration on the phone.

the city’s first wheelchair of the father seize

The had offered the pug, apparently, on his private Ebay Account on the Internet to purchase. Still stutziger the police officer was declared as the man of how the city came to the dog. You have seized the animal with a family in Ahlen, which had been the municipal administration, among other things, even dog tax contributions of not guilty. To the unbelieving demand of the interested person, whether the city should seize animals, and then offer it for sale, assured her the employee of the municipal administration, that all was right.

According to the “Hannoversche Neue Presse” got the family of five from pug lady Edda in November a visit from two employees of the city and a bailiff with a warrant. As the mother of three children, the “AT” told, should be seized at this date, first of all, the wheelchair of her paraplegic husband. However, the property of the professional Association – and not to seize it. Therefore, the authority is focused then on the four-legged pet of the family from the Münsterland. “The dog got the highest value, I was told,” recalls the woman’s day in November. It was the last one with Edda.

May be impounded Pets at all?

According to Section 811c, paragraph 1, of the code of civil procedure, an animal that is kept as Pets and not for commercial purposes will generally be considered subject to seizure. Why the city of Ahlen, the dog from the family plan, could not explain a speaker. You will get to the bottom of it, he is quoted in the “Ahlener Tageblatt”. And: “What happened, is not to select the usual procedure in the case of foreclosures by the city,” he explained further, therefore.

Back to the COP and Wülfrath. The left, in spite of doubts on the Deal with the city select and bought the pug for the agreed price. According to its own figures, picked up the dog the day after the phone call in a care office in Hamm. Shortly before Christmas, she experienced another Surprise.

Four eyes-OPs: police officer requested 1800 Euro

Because, in the Edda, which dates back to breeding a Pug in Lünen, in Westphalia, was anything other than healthy. “You had a massive eye injury and was treated by a veterinarian,” was outraged by the new owner in the “AT”. At Christmas, the pug lady had been emergency surgery in the veterinary clinic Duisburg. For a total of four interventions and all other treatment, the COP had a sheet around 1800 Euro. The money you reclaim from the town of Ahlen. You have deceived in the small display with intent to deceive. As the “Ahlener Gazette” reported on Tuesday, wanted the city because of the ongoing proceedings for the time being not publicly for sale, the dog’s Express. You’ll be represented by a lawyer, it said.

sources: “Ahlener Tageblatt”, “Hannoversche Neue Presse”