In the case of the alleged rape of Mülheim checks the city, whether for a Return of the Suspect to Bulgaria is possible. Three 14-Year-old and two twelve – year-olds, all of Bulgarian nationality – are suspected to have on Friday evening an 18-Year-old in a forest raped. City spokesman Volker Wiebels said on Thursday to request that they wanted to explore whether the movement of the families of the five Suspects could be restricted. Bulgaria belongs to the European Union.

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Mühlheim: discussion of criminal responsibility of young people

According to the EU sparked quite a Return from Germany in principle be possible, if “someone has no job, no looking for work and also cannot prove that he is an addiction,” described Wiebels. The “Neue Westfälische” was first reported on the audit.

“success is relative”

The spokesman reported that such a procedure is likely to be to lengthy. There are also opportunities to opt out. Take the current case of suspicion on the occasion, the legal options for a Return to explore. “The prospect of success is relative.” Of the three families, it was not known that they had an income, here, a Return is out of the question.

A 14-Year-old currently sits due to the danger of repetition in custody. The twelve-year-old criminal incompetent. The youth welfare office is in charge of all the families of the five Suspects “closely”. The nationwide shocking case had also triggered a debate about lowering the criminal responsibility age from 14 to twelve years. The NRW state government and the Federal Minister of justice, Christine Lambrecht (SPD) spoke out against it.

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