“citizens, execute the” send, “a nationwide letter bomb”: German politicians, courts, institutions and authorities are, obviously, for months the target of threats of Violence from alleged extreme right-wing circles.

The leading Berlin public Prosecutor’s office determined in 78 cases, for example on suspicion of predatory extortion and sedition. Of the nationwide series of law firms and publishers are concerned, as the authority announced on Thursday.

According to the data of other investigators were due to bomb a building or road trains threats in several cities cleared. In the case of searches, no explosives were found body, the perpetrators are unknown.

Süddeutsche Zeitung and NDR reported that more than 100 sent out E-Mails with “national-socialist Offensive”, “NSU 2.0” or “Wehrmacht” was signed. According to information from the German press Agency, the series should have started last summer.

That the sender has not yet been determined, it is understood that in order for you to be careful when Sending your messages out, that these E-Mails can’t be traced. It is unclear whether it is really right-wing extremists and whether, possibly, the freeloaders are on the go.

Because the corresponding threats have been cleared on Monday of the Lübeck main station and on Tuesday the tax office Gelsenkirchen as a precaution, it said in media reports. According to police in Koblenz on Tuesday, a bomb threat against the local tax office.

The Hamburg police imprisoned for the same reason, on Wednesday temporarily several streets before she gave the all-clear. The Frankfurt Prosecutor’s office confirmed that it was in January of bomb threats against the local higher regional court and the Prosecutor’s office.

at the time were also sent to regional courts of several of the country towns of bomb threats. Were affected, among other things, Wiesbaden, Saarbrücken, Hamburg, Potsdam, Magdeburg, Erfurt and Kiel. In Kiel, the bomb threat was signed by the police chief with “national-socialist Offensive”.

A court spokesman in Hamburg said at the time, the E-Mail I right contain extreme implications. According to the police, Magdeburg, an anonymous sender threatened with a stop at the Federal level. According to the “SZ” and NDR is a threat also at the Hamburg airport, no one was there to take a position on it.

A relevant Mail received on Tuesday the members of the Bundestag Martina Renner (Left). Unknown wrote in error: “but we are Ready for it.To send out a nationwide letter bomb, or to distribute Ricin, or to execute citizens on the open road”. Was signed the letter with “national-socialist Offensive”. According to research by “SZ” and NDR, the singer received the Helene Fischer threatening e-mails, which had expressed after the riots in Chemnitz critical. Fischer’s Management said nothing.

The Federal Prosecutor’s office put the Report, according to a test procedure, would not comment on the request but in more detail. “The grouping sent for several months with a different sender E-mail addresses corresponding to the threatening E-Mails to authorities and institutions in the Federal territory, without the injurious event occurred,” said the police headquarters in Koblenz. “The content of the E-mail is similar to both the use of language.”

The Central Council of Jews in Germany, said on Reuters request, he had received in the context of a Drohmail. Generally speaking, hate mail, a go to regularly, whether by mail, by Mail, or via social media. The number could reach up to several Hundred letters per day, sometimes with threats of Violence. “The latter have for a long time anonymous, and increasingly aggressive,” the Central Council.

The Green inner politician Irene Mihalic said the threatening letters, the extreme Right could be the beginning of a terrorist campaign. “The Nazi-scene is broad and deep networked and seems to feel under the radar of the security agencies is still relatively unmolested.” Your Left-Mrs Renner asked, Concerned should be fully informed and protected.

it is Already known that under the symbol “NSU 2.0” in the past few months, Drohschreiben to a Frankfurt-based lawyer sent. NSU is the abbreviation of the so-called national socialist underground who had killed ten people, for which the only Survivor of Beate Zschäpe in a not-yet-final judgment, as the accomplice who had been convicted of.