Higher fines, more inspections, bigger bins, new reusable systems: various strategies have exacerbated many German cities in recent times, the fight against garbage on the streets.

So is it in some of the municipalities in Baden-württemberg in the future significantly more expensive to spit the chewing gum on the floor, the cigarette butt carelessly throw away, or to let the dog feces? A new catalog of fines, as the country looks for such sins now, with a framework of up to € 250. Previously such Offences had been prosecuted only with 10 to 20 euros.

Mannheim has increased the fines at the beginning of April for the reopening of a newly renovated shopping street. Who throws away the future in the city is a Dump, the 75 Euro fine threatening now, the throwing away of chewing gum can even cost up to 250 euros. For not repealed dog feces, the municipality imposed the 100 to 250 Euro fine.

The Bavarian city of Augsburg has recently increased in June 2018. She asks since then, the garbage on the ground throws and it is caught, with at least 40 euros to the cashier. The have shown effect. The situation is improving – on streets and squares, less waste lying around than before the increase.

“Away from the penalties of the cities are, in General, Dispose of and triple on public space, contrary to stretching, with other instruments”, according to the Deputy Chief Executive of the German Association of cities, Verena Göppert. “Days of action to the community to clean up public spaces and cleanliness campaigns.” Clear would be: “Who dirty public areas to be malicious, it must also stand up for it.”

Also, Stuttgart is aiming to be clean. Because dirt is not often just an issue of Aesthetics, says city spokesman Martin throne Berens – but often also for nature. “During Smoking, many toxic substances will accumulate in the Filter. If Tilting of the land, in nature, can wash these substances out by rain and enter the groundwater.” In addition, improperly disposed of chewing gum were eaten often by small animals and birds could die from it.

In Stuttgart, Germany not to rise, therefore, only the fines, for example for Discarding of Butts, or chewing gum to be around 100 euros. It was also called the campaign “Clean Stuttgart” – among other things, with larger bins. In addition, the municipality of new jobs created in the urban prison service, to catch more garbage sinner caught in the act – for the first time, strips are Civil on the road.

Because many German municipalities face a common problem: to get the environment wrong-doers, although the staffing is thin. “The Throw and Drop of waste is hardly controlled,” explained the spokeswoman for the city of Lüneburg, Ann-Kristin, all rights. There are too few foreign service employees. The priority is therefore on other fines violations within the city.

In Hanover cost of the eight-loose-Spit gum, currently a moderate 10 Euro. In the future, it will be more expensive. “This is expressly required by the policy,” the special purpose Association for waste management to report to Region Hannover. The city, with 530 000 inhabitants, also has to contend with the 20 million disposable cups for To-Go estimated drinks consumed annually.

“So you could cover the over 6000 square feet of town Hall square, one Meter high with disposable cups,” says Association spokeswoman Helene Herich. “An enormous waste of valuable resources, and thus a significant environmental sin.” Therefore, the city cleaning have decided together with the urban Departments in the spring of 2017, to establish a private reusable Cup system on the basis of a Deposit in Hannover, as it is also in several other German cities.

Meanwhile, the Saxon city of Dresden shows hardness. There, the number of fines imposed has increased because of carelessly discarded garbage rapidly in recent years. In the previous year, according to the clerk’s office 1439 procedures because of waste deposits such as from chewing gum or paper cups. In total, were imposed accordingly, fines in the amount of approximately 33 000 euros. In 2017, there were about 960 processes, 2016 770. In Dresden, someone who spits his gum on the ground should be expected, with a using money of 20 euros, reported to the clerk’s office. In individual cases, could be even higher. Repentance should encourage all citizens to respect the laws of procedure.

But who spits the most actually? A study of the so-called Littering – the careless throwing away of garbage – found that the biggest culprits are young adults between 18 and 30 years. For Littering, the throwing of coffee cups and cigarettes, however, is one tilt. The study, which is also the Ministry of the environment refers to, was published last year by the Association of municipal companies (VKU). The results are based on a long-term study from 2005 to 2017. As reasons for Littering, the study was laziness and lack of education.