The German Association of towns and municipalities has warned of cost-free daycare centers for all. “It is not smart to lower regardless of the economic situation of the Affected contributions, to adopt in whole or in by a family money to cushion,” said President Uwe Brandl, the “FAZ”.

such A package approach was in a social support project for the Rich and the income of millionaires. Brandl, the CSU mayor of the lower Bavarian town of Abensberg, defendant continued: “I am in Bavaria, but not only there, a completely new style of politics. It is tried by some to buy gifts for the favor of the voters. The exemption from duties, whether these are the kindergarten contributions, or for road improvements.”

as Long as the tax is out of water and the economic brumme, may be feasible. “But after that? Since then, the municipalities need to look at how you come up with the increased expectations clear, and your tasks.”