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Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Lab Working

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Introduction: CCIE Lab

The CCIE Lab exam was first introduced in 1993 a test that is comprised on two days. As there was a great demand for CCIE certification, the coming up time for taking the lab exam was at least six months. Later on in 2001, Cisco updated the two days lab exam and changed it into one day by excluding some of the testing measures like IP addressing, troubleshooting and diagramming etc.

Prior To Two Days CCIE Lab Test:

Here is some detail about the CCIE Lab Exam, when the CCIE lab test was comprised on two days.

The First Day Comprised: 

Construction of the network by patching, configuration to terminal servers, IP addressing. It is the verification method of your work about the whole layer 2 and 3 configurations. Before the end of the day, the supervisor would mark your capability, and decide that either you are able to attend the second day CCIE Lab exam or not. If you got 80% pass mark on the first day then you are eligible to the next day of your lab exam. 

The Second Day Comprised: 

There is a need of reading more configuration tasks during the morning conference. To configure the devices properly you should be aware of the hub technologies. There are various difficulties which you should be aware of as well as representing basic networking knowledge and practical experience. The supervisor would observe your process and let you inform that you can attend the afternoon exam session for the troubleshooting field or not at the end of the exam.

The Current CCIE Lab Exam:

The current CCIE Lab exam is comprised of eight hours within a day. 

  • There are mainly three types of sections for the lab test.
    • The troubleshooting module, 
    • the diagnostic module and 
    • the configuration module.
  • The process of CCIE lab exam makes sure the evaluations would base on the capabilities to the understanding of the concentrate networking knowledge of the candidates.

You would receive the result of the CCIE Lab exam within 2 days. The failing score reports include the details of your mark on the primary topic ranges. If you pass your CCIE Lab exam, you will receive the pass result without the details of the marks.

Jobs after CCIE Security Certification:

When you got a CCIE security certification at once you have able to get following jobs including Network Engineer, Sr. Network Engineer, Network Security Engineer, Network Administrator, Network Security Administrator, and Network Security Specialist.

Scope of a CCIE Security Certification:

There is a fact that the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification is one of the most top level certification by Cisco Systems and it is proven that experts with CCIE certification are the finest networkers. The CCIEs have achieved a status of leading the networking industry in thoughtful technical networking facts and are working over the most technically testing network assignments. Regarded as the toughest certification, it makes guarantee you as high reputed designations, a good salary package, and other perks.

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