circumcisions in many countries of the world still common practice. It is carried out under the guidance of experts in the hospital, the risk is low. Many parents opt for a religious ceremony in their own home – including a Couple from Italy, the crop of her son last Friday in the own walls. The five-month-old Baby survived the procedure.

The little Boy had died in a hospital in Bologna, against the parents ‘ will accused of negligent homicide, reported Italian news agencies, citing the investigative authorities.

Ethiopian Katima Muleta

“I circumcised girls – today I am ashamed of it”

With heavy bleeding to the hospital in Bologna

The Ghanaian-born parents are, therefore, the circumcision have made to your place of residence in the town of Scandiano in Reggio Emilia. Thereafter, the deterioration in the condition of the babies quickly, so that it died in the night of Saturday of a cardiac arrest, and bleeding.

circumcisions in Italy, there is no rarity

it was Only in December was in Rome a two-year-old child as a result of a circumcision at home died.

mainly Muslim and Jewish families leave their children for hygienic and religious reasons crop. The Great mosque in Rome – an Islamic cultural center – called on all parents to their children in a hospital for the procedure. Health Minister Giulia Grillo warned parents against circumcisions illegal. “The health and lives of children is more important than anything else,” she wrote on Facebook.

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