members of the AfD have it outside of their profession in General, not easy. Everywhere, the elbows will go out against you, of course, in the framework of the democratic possibilities. But now you got something “Good”, because the cinema “Cinexx” in the Rhineland-Palatinate place Hachenburg has nice invited each member of the party to a free movie idea. This was reported by “Bento”.

reason enough to be happy about the unexpected kindness of the party. But that doesn’t happen. Instead, the AfD is outraged, and the Internet is being massively rushed against the cinema.

Why? The film title is explained. The operator of cinema invited to the 25 anniversary of the Hollywood Smash “Schindler’s list” – known to be a monumental Film about the crime and what happened in Nazi Germany.

Christmas eve in Dresden

AfD member flies out of the cinema: “You do not need to endure the enemies of democracy”

so this Is kind of a jab at the right-wing populist party to understand? The AfD offshoot from the more than 200 km away in Paderborn (and not only) keeps the action anyway, for “an example of the discrimination and defamation of dissidents,” as they wrote in a now-deleted Posting.

the cinema Wanted to denigrate really all AfD members?

However, wanted to stamp the cinema owners really with this invitation, all members of the party as the national socialists? In a Statement of the cinema it does not mean: “Our aim is clearly to the exclusion and defamation of the AfD, that so many feel strongly attacked is our intention and incomprehensible to us. We do not claim at all that AfD voters are Nazis – whether you are in need of historical awareness, is at your own discretion. According to our estimates, the AfD party program, however, but a trivialization of those events conclude. […] With the action we want to offer a place for conversation. After the Film there will be the opportunity.”

You will see the cinema as a meeting place, movies, would stimulate social discussions, were announced. Also, you have a mission of education, in the home of “Cinexx” in Hachenburg, there are events of such nature more frequently: immigrants, school classes, day-care centres and women’s shelters there are in your house often similar events, said Program Manager Karin Leicher on demand of the “Bento”. Once a month the Cinexx also shows the current “teaching-relevant films” for teachers, also with free admission. About such free offers, the people would not have complained but so far.

invitation to the film dissolves solid Shitstorm from

Since the publication of the notice of action cinema is now a massive Shitstorm from the right-wing Milieu is exposed. Threatening emails and Videos emerged, violence was openly threatened: “Fucking pig heads” or “Rotfaschisten” were you scolded, said Leicher to “Bento”. This was so blatantly, that Light at the 31. December, the police intervened.

The idea is to on 27. January take place. This is not chosen randomly, but marked the International day of commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust. Also: “Schindler’s list” celebrates the 25 anniversary of the German premiere. Whether the police will be during the event present, is so far unclear. First, the threats need to be spotted. And whether then in the end the AfD members come and watch the movie, it will show. The signs are bad.

sources: “Bento”, “The West”, the “Hamburger Morgenpost”


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